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NHL 11 EA Sports & EB Games Toronto Launch Party with Mike Komisarek

EA Sports, EB Games, and Sony Playstation all collaborated to continue the massive launch of EA Sports’ NHL 11. Vancouver’s EB Games had the Canucks’ own superstars, the Sedin twins signing autographs, while Toronto’s EB games had Leafs rugged defenseman Mike Komisarek. Read moreRead more


Who the H*LL is Jose Bautista?

If the Major League baseball season started today, what would you say if I asked you who you thought would hit the most home runs this season? A-Rod? Albert Pujols? Prince Fielder? Those would be decent predictions. Nobody on this planet would have said “Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays”. NOBODY. Yet here we are, with just over one month left in the regular season, and who is leading the pack in homers? None other than Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays. I have three questions. WHO IS THIS GUY? WHERE DID HE COME FROM? And what did he do with the real Jose Bautista? Read moreRead more


Bluetooth Headset Review: Fusar AV4000

I was recently provided with a Fusar AV4000 Bluetooth headset to review from the friendly folks at Fusar Technology. The company is Toronto based and offers a range of techie gadgets. From cell phones to other wireless technology, they seem to have everything you need for mobile technology on the go. I didn’t know what to expect from the Fusar AV4000. When it comes to gadgets I prefer to stick with brand names. Motorola makes a decent bluetooth headset, and I’ve only heard great things about the Jawbone. Well I am happy to say that the AV4000 is a great piece of technology. Read moreRead more


Wet Cement Clothing line review!

Two months back while I was shopping at Bayview Village shopping mall in Toronto, I was introduced to a new clothing line. I was buying some dress shirts at Prada, when the sales guy asked if I would be interested some t-shirts. He gave me the typical sales pitch. “They are really nice, tight fitted, and made from a high quality material”. He brought some over to me and once I saw them I was amazed. They looked really nice and different from other brands I have seen. The brand is called Wet Cement out of the United States. They also make women’s clothing, hoodies and full sleeve shirts. Read moreRead more


Maison Du Japon: All You Can Eat Sushi Review

I am always on the hunt for a good sushi restaurant. I was told that a new all you can eat sushi place had opened in Toronto. At the corner of Woodbine and John in Thornhill rests Maison Du Japon. For $12.99 at lunch you can eat a whole aquarium of delicious seafood. Dinner is around $20 for all you can eat, so the place offers decent value. Read moreRead more


MMA coming to Ontario in 2011!!

This past saturday August 14th, the Ontario government will finally be allowing mixed martial arts to come to Ontario in the year 2011. It has been a long time coming, especially after Dalton McGuinty was against allowing it cause he said it wasn’t an important need to Ontario families. He insisted that there were more important stuff that needed to dealt with and UFC wasn’t on his mind at all.

I guess all that persuading by the UFC finally payed off. UFC did it in class as they even opened up an office here in Toronto in May and had former CFL commissioner Tom Wright in charge leading the way. Read moreRead more


MLB Trade Deadline Analysis: Jays Stand Pat

In every professional sport, when it comes down to a season’s trade deadline, you have your traditional buyers, and your traditional sellers. The buyers are those teams who are on the hunt for a championship, or those who are one or two players away from a championship. The sellers are those who realize that this season is rightoff, or those with players who are pending free agents that they know won’t resign. Most general managers in a selling position utilize the trade deadline to recoup some assets for their rebuilding process. When you know a star player isn’t going to commit long term to your franchise, you offset the loss by stocking your system with prospects who may step in one day and fill the departing star player’s shoes. Read moreRead more


Black Eyed Peas: Live at the ACC Commentary

I recently saw the Black Eyed Peas perform live at the Air Canada Center.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve heard their music before, it is a unique combination of hip hop, rap, pop, with some dance and jazz mixed in.  I was somewhat excited to go, as I’ve heard they put on quite a show.  A lot of singers these days lip sync in their shows.  The Black Eyed Peas definitely did not lip sync.  They all seem to have tremendous voices and stage presences. Read moreRead more


Should the Leafs take a risk and go after Demitra or Frolov??

Toronto fans are still waiting to see what else Brian Burke can pull off to make the Leafs better upfront. Yes he brought in Kris Versteeg who averaged 20goals a season while playing in Chicago. He also brought in gritty winger Colby Armstrong  who is a solid pickup and can average around 15-20 goals a season and be a great penalty killing specialist. Read moreRead more


Jordan cancels deal with Toronto and then Bobcats ship Chandler to Mavs!!

Well you all must have heard that Michael Jordan, the owner of the Bobcats stepped in and told Bobcats GM Rob Higgins not to complete the deal with the Raptors.  Jordan was having second thoughts about the deal and moving those guys to the Raptors. Jordan is the majority owner of the Bobcats and most owners don’t step in at all during a deal. Read moreRead more