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Infiniti Red Bull Racing Show Car Tour Dates & Locations

Infiniti Canada has launched the Infiniti Red Bull Racing Show Car Tour, which will make its way right across Canada over the spring and summer months. Stopping at Infiniti dealerships, this tour gives Canadians the opportunity to see up-close, a display version of the car that Infiniti global brand ambassador Sebastian Vettel took to World Championship status in 2010 – a feat he repeated in 2011. Read moreRead more


Toronto Blue Jays Season Preview

As the weather warms up in Toronto, my thoughts turn to two things. One, is that the Leafs and Raptors are almost done another miserable season where they will both miss the playoffs by a considerable margin, and probably finish just high enough in the standings to NOT get the chance to draft a franchise player to turn these miserable teams around. My second thought is a little bit more pleasant. That the Toronto Blue Jays are about to embark on a brand new season in Major League Baseball’s hell, the American League East. All is not lost for the Jays. Many industry gurus and prognosticators have the Jays labeled as a “sleeper” pick to upset a lot of higher payroll teams and win the new Wild Card that is being introduced this season. For the first time in Major League baseball history, there will be TWO wild cards handed out in each league. The two wild cards will playoff in a one game do or die format where the winner will face the first place team in the league in the first round of the playoffs. That means that hypothetically, the Jays can finish third in their division and still qualify for the Wild Card. Its not a lock, but it could happen. Here are the things that need to occur for the Jays to have a shot. Read moreRead more


What is Wrong With The Toronto Maple Leafs?

Months back, I wrote an article begging Brian Burke not to re sign Ron Wilson until the team actually took a step forward under his tutelage and made the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You can view that article here I wasn’t delusional. I didn’t say “wait for them to WIN the Cup”, I only asked that they’d qualify for the playoffs for the first time in a team record seven years. Don’t mistake me for a hater. I am a Toronto boy, I am a Leafs fan. All I want is to have a team to cheer for, to have pride in, and that will have some success. The Leafs haven’t had any success in years. They haven’t qualified for the playoffs. They haven’t drafted any up and coming superstars. Their mediocrity has begun to swallow Leafs nation whole. The Air Canada Center is always full of Leaf fans. Constant sell outs, and now the die hard fans who empty their wallets on over priced tickets are finally losing faith in their club, and there is good reason for it. Read moreRead more


Toronto Blue Jays Offseason Moves: Prince Fielder

As a Toronto sports fan, I am getting fed up. Across all of the sports teams this city has, certain things are consistent. We have rich ownership, high profile and highly respected General Managers, a world class city and market, and a loyal fan base that would fill a stadium up for a winner. Yes I said it. Toronto fans would flock to the Rogers center for a winner. Back in 93 and 94, the glory years of the Blue Jays, the Skydome was regularly packed. Not many baseball teams can lure 50,000 fans to watch their team, but Toronto did it. Read moreRead more


Why the Toronto Maple Leafs Should Sign Randy Carlyle

Many people in the Toronto media are wondering what Brian Burke will do next. Will he give Ron Wilson a contract extension before the Christmas holidays? Will he wait to see if Wilson can finally lead the Leafs to the playoffs after a record seven year drought? I for one would not give Wilson an extension until the end of this season. If the Leafs finish very strong, resign him. If they begin to falter, fire Wilson immediately and bring in a man with a proven track record. Randy Carlyle. Read moreRead more


Toronto Maple Leafs Off Season Moves

Many critics of the Toronto Maple Leafs would have you believe that the team has not progressed at all since the lockout. The Leafs streak of playoff free seasons is now up to 7 and without significant moves on the horizon, I wouldn’t be shocked to see it reach 8. However, for the first time in a long time, the long term outlook for the Leafs can actually be characterized as positive. Brian Burke has definitely made some questionable moves (the Komisarek signing, the Kessel trade to name a few) but he has also made some positive moves to strengthen the future of the franchise. Read moreRead more


Honda Canada Gives Away Brand New Honda Civic at Toronto Blue Jays Home Opener!

One lucky baseball fan will be among first to own the ninth-generation Honda Civic! One lucky fan at Opening Night for the Toronto Blue Jays will drive away in a brand new Honda Civic. Honda Canada, the proud provider of the Official Vehicle of the Toronto Blue Jays and Rogers Centre, is hosting the Honda Opening Night celebrations against the Minnesota Twins on Friday, April 1st. Read moreRead more


Toronto Raptors: Where Backups Come to Start

Early on in the NBA season, one thing is painfully clear. The Toronto Raptors will have a very difficult season, struggle often, and be one of the bottom 3 teams in the league. Read moreRead more


Toronto Maple Leafs 2010 – 2011: Back to Reality

12 games into the NHL season, the Toronto Maple Leafs look a lot like the hockey team that everyone sees when they look at the roster on paper. The Leafs are deep on defense, have two reliable goaltenders, and barely any scoring. When the Leafs started the season 4 – 0, there was a lot of optimism in the Toronto area. People were thinking, “maybe this team is for real”, “maybe they will end the Toronto playoff drought and finally bring some glory back to the franchise”. I hate to say it, but I don’t think that is going to happen. Not without a major move by Brian Burke. Read moreRead more


Toronto Maple Leafs 2010 – 2011 Season Preview

Every time I see the jersey on the left I laugh. “Losers since 1967″. Its not a funny laugh. Its not a “laugh with you” laugh. Its a pathetic, internal, sad laugh at the state of a once proud franchise. The Toronto Maple Leafs are arguably the biggest, most valuable franchise in the NHL. They have the most rabid, loyal fanbase and media in all of hockey. Maybe that is why the Leafs haven’t been to the post season since before the lockout. Maybe the salary cap has destroyed the Leaf’s GM’s chances of BUYING their way into the playoffs. Winning teams aren’t shaped with buying power anymore. Its all about drafting, internal development, and shrewd trades by smart general managers. Maybe thats what the Leafs are missing. Read moreRead more