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Android VS. Iphone

Apple Computers latest financial reports indicate a 61% increase in IPhones sold over the same 3rd quarter as last year. Yet in spite of the record sales for IPhone fueled by IPhone 4 it seems that the Android army has exceeded those figures. Read moreRead more


Samsung & Toshiba Launching Tablets Cheaper than iPad!

Samsung and Toshiba both unveiled tablets in Berlin yesterday.  Their goal is to provide legitimate competition to Apple’s iPad, and steal a market share by providing quality alternatives at better prices.   Toshiba’s Folio 100 is set to cost about $511 (US), which undercuts the iPad.  Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, along with the Folio, are set to launch in Europe next month.  The Tab’s prices are yet to be determined. Read moreRead more


Will Tablets Make Laptops Obsolete?

I have heard the rumours and even thought about it myself. Will tablet computers eventually make laptops obsolete?

People think that tablets are going to eventually have the abilities of full on computers. There is expected to be a variety of tablet computers launched in the next five years ranging from $300 to $1,000. The Apple iPad is currently available and ranges in price from $499 to $829 (US). Read moreRead more


Samsung Galaxy Tablet Teaser!

Samsung is slowly releasing details about its upcoming tablet.

On Tuesday, Samsung released a brief video showing some of the features of the “Galaxy Tab”. See the end of the article for the video. Read moreRead more


Google Android 2.1

For those of you out there that have Smartphones there are many operating systems that run our cellphone hardware. Although we all like to have the sleekest coolest looking phone the underlying performance is also heavily dictated by the Operating System onboard. Read moreRead more