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Dwight Howard Traded to the Lakers: The New Big Three or Four

Dwight Howard used to be one of my favorite NBA Players. Now that Howard has been traded to the Lakers, I don’t like him anymore. When he was the underdog on the Magic, what wasn’t to like? He is the best center on the planet, big, fast, strong, with jaw dropping athleticism for a man of his size. He was the quiet, loyal star who actually wanted to lead the Orlando Magic to victory. He single handedly carried the Magic to the finals a few years ago, and Stan Van Gundy built the team’s system around Howard’s talents. All of that has changed. Howard has demanded another trade from Orlando, less than a year after exercising his option to stay there. He got his wish and the “Big 4″ was born. Read moreRead more


NBA 2K12 (PS3) Review

With the 2011 – 2012 the NBA season looking more and more unlikely every day, I felt I needed to get my basketball fix somehow. If I can’t watch the best players in the world play, why not take control of them in a video game? The NBA 2K series has recently set the standard for National Basketball Association (NBA) video games. While EA dominates the hockey video game market, 2K is the absolute leader for basketball simulation. Last year’s NBA 2k11 was absolutely phenomenal. It brought Michael Jordan back into the equation, allowing players to use him in the game to bring back those dominant Bulls teams. The graphics, controls, and overall experience were heads above the competition. It was so good in fact, that EA didn’t even bother releasing their NBA Elite game. 2K keeps upping the ante with NBA 2K12. It takes everything that made 11 so good, and improves upon it. Read moreRead more


Sensoglove: Your Own Personal Golf Trainer

Sensosolutions, a leading provider of innovative IT systems for sports analysis, motion and performance measurement, announced today it has partnered with 20 golf schools and PGA professional instructors world-wide to use SensoGlove, the world’s first digital golf glove, as a training tool to help correct the dreaded golf club “death grip” for a more accurate and powerful golf swing.  The only digital golf glove available today that gives constant feedback on grip pressure in real-time, SensoGlove can be used with or without a teacher and is an essential tool for all golfers (from beginner to professional) to achieve the correct grip. Read moreRead more


Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Divorce?

Another high profile celebrity marriage bites the dust. Just three short years after they were wed in a European castle, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has filed for a divorce from San Antonio Spur’s star point guard Tony Parker. The Desperate Housewives star filed the divorce documents in a Los Angeles area Superior Court only one day after her representative vehemently denied that Tony Parker had filed divorce papers in a Texas area court. Read moreRead more


Toronto Raptors 2010 Fan Jam, Pictures & Season Preview

U Be the Critic recently attended the Toronto Raptors Fan Jam at the Air Canada Centre. The Raptors hold it yearly. They give out free tickets to the event as a way to hype fans up for the beginning of a new season. The event featured a pre show where b-ballers did tricks for the crowd, an inter squad scrimmage, a skills competition, and tons of prize giveaways. This was much needed for the Toronto fan base after losing superstar Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat in the off season. Read moreRead more


NBA 2K11 Trailers: Signature Moves Trailer Featuring David Lee, Derrick Rose & Rajon Rondo, & Michael Jordan Trailer

2K Sports released a new trailer for their popular NBA 2k11 series.  The game is expected to be launched in stores in early October.  Many people favor the 2K sports series over EA’s NBA Live Series for basketball games.  The game is highly anticipated.  The trailer features Derrick  Rose and David Lee playing the game and trash talking one another.  Rajon Rondo promptly interrupts their game and reminds them who holds a championship ring.  Check the trailer out, and grab the game when it hits the stores!

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How to Get Live Sports Scores on Your Iphone Lock Screen!

For everyone using an iphone or ipad, here is a neat little trick you can use to get live sports scores on your lock screen directly from ESPN.
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Monta Ellis happy to stay in Golden State for now!!

After a furious offseason of dealing and signings in the NBA, there have been many rumors of guard Monta Ellis from Golden State being shopped around to many teams. Now it looks like he will be starting the new season with the Warriors for now.

Ellis is one of the best guards in the NBA, last season he averaged career high in points per game with 25.5, 4 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 2.2 steals and averaged 6 free throw attempts a game. He only played in 64 games cause of injury, but he really broke out last season and showed everyone his true talents playing along side Stephen Curry.  Ellis came out before and even said he didnt think it would workout with him and Curry playing along side each other but it worked out well on the court but no victories to show. Warriors struggled last season with a record of 26 wins and 56 losses. Read moreRead more


King of the Castle

Much to the dismay of Cavaliers fans everywhere, “King” Lebron James has decided to join Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade in Miami.  For the first time in sports history, James held a televised interview where he made his choice public. Read moreRead more