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Toronto Blue Jays Season Preview

As the weather warms up in Toronto, my thoughts turn to two things. One, is that the Leafs and Raptors are almost done another miserable season where they will both miss the playoffs by a considerable margin, and probably finish just high enough in the standings to NOT get the chance to draft a franchise player to turn these miserable teams around. My second thought is a little bit more pleasant. That the Toronto Blue Jays are about to embark on a brand new season in Major League Baseball’s hell, the American League East. All is not lost for the Jays. Many industry gurus and prognosticators have the Jays labeled as a “sleeper” pick to upset a lot of higher payroll teams and win the new Wild Card that is being introduced this season. For the first time in Major League baseball history, there will be TWO wild cards handed out in each league. The two wild cards will playoff in a one game do or die format where the winner will face the first place team in the league in the first round of the playoffs. That means that hypothetically, the Jays can finish third in their division and still qualify for the Wild Card. Its not a lock, but it could happen. Here are the things that need to occur for the Jays to have a shot. Read moreRead more


Vernon Wells Traded To the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Toronto Blue Jays have traded away the most cumbersome contract in the history of Major League Baseball. On Friday Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos traded center fielder Vernon Wells to the Angels for catcher Mike Napoli and outfielder Juan Rivera. Many Jays fans are dancing in the streets celebrating the fact that Vernon won’t be owed 86 million dollars over the next four years. It certainly gives the Jays some financial flexibility going forward but in reality is it a good thing? Read moreRead more


2K Sports Offers 1 Million Dollars For Pitching a Perfect Game in Major League Baseball 2K11

Following the success of last year’s historic skill-based cash prize contest, 2K Sports announced today that it will once again award $1,000,000 to the first person to pitch a verified perfect game in Major League Baseball® 2K11, the next edition in the popular Major League Baseball 2K series. The race to perfection will commence on Major League Baseball’s Opening Day, April 1, 2011, giving gamers nearly a month to practice with the game before embarking on a quest that only 20 pitchers in baseball history have accomplished. Read moreRead more


Cliff Lee Signs with the Philadelphia Phillies! Who will the Yankees and Rangers go after Now?

Wow.  Talk about a shocker.  Cliff Lee has stunned the baseball world by signing for less years, and less total money with the Philadelphia Phillies.  After an offseason full of fat pay cheques and moves that seemed to be solely financially motivated, Lee has done the unthinkable.  He went to a team he wanted to play for, as opposed to the team that wanted to pay him the most.  The Yankees and Rangers were supposedly the front runners for Lee’s services.  It was Lee himself that helped carry the Rangers past the Yankees and into the World Series.  The Yankees were not going to let their playoff bane go and sign with the competition.  It turns out, they didn’t have a choice. Read moreRead more


Werth signs with Nationals; Adrian Gonzalez to the Red Sox is DONE! Marcum to the Brewers!

Looks like it’s the Washington National’s turn to make a big splash in the free-agent market. The club has announced the signing off free-agent outfielder Jason Werth to a 7-year, $126-million contract.

Are you kidding me? Read moreRead more


Major League Baseball Free Agents 2010 – 2011: The Rich Get Richer

About one month after the Giants surprised the world and won the World Series, free agency is already in full effect. There have been several key moves, including some for the newly crowned champs. The Giants lost the services of Juan Uribe and Series MVP Edgar Renteria, and replaced the two with an aging and regressing Miguel Tejada. The Yankees and Rangers are fighting over the services of Cliff Lee, and the Yanks are in the process of resigning their two aging cornerstones, SS Derek Jeter and closer Mariano Rivera. Read moreRead more


Stephen Strasburg Needs Tommy John Surgery! ALREADY!

So much for the Washington Nationals’ rookie of the year candidate Stephen Strasburg. It has been revealed that Strasburg has a torn ligament in his elbow and needs season ending Tommy John surgery. Strasburg has been phenomenal since coming up to the big leagues this season. He has dominated clubs with his high velocity fastball, sharp breaking curve, and providing a good mix with his changeup. Read moreRead more


How to Get Live Sports Scores on Your Iphone Lock Screen!

For everyone using an iphone or ipad, here is a neat little trick you can use to get live sports scores on your lock screen directly from ESPN.
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