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What is Wrong With The Toronto Maple Leafs?

Months back, I wrote an article begging Brian Burke not to re sign Ron Wilson until the team actually took a step forward under his tutelage and made the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You can view that article here I wasn’t delusional. I didn’t say “wait for them to WIN the Cup”, I only asked that they’d qualify for the playoffs for the first time in a team record seven years. Don’t mistake me for a hater. I am a Toronto boy, I am a Leafs fan. All I want is to have a team to cheer for, to have pride in, and that will have some success. The Leafs haven’t had any success in years. They haven’t qualified for the playoffs. They haven’t drafted any up and coming superstars. Their mediocrity has begun to swallow Leafs nation whole. The Air Canada Center is always full of Leaf fans. Constant sell outs, and now the die hard fans who empty their wallets on over priced tickets are finally losing faith in their club, and there is good reason for it. Read moreRead more


Why the Toronto Maple Leafs Should Sign Randy Carlyle

Many people in the Toronto media are wondering what Brian Burke will do next. Will he give Ron Wilson a contract extension before the Christmas holidays? Will he wait to see if Wilson can finally lead the Leafs to the playoffs after a record seven year drought? I for one would not give Wilson an extension until the end of this season. If the Leafs finish very strong, resign him. If they begin to falter, fire Wilson immediately and bring in a man with a proven track record. Randy Carlyle. Read moreRead more


Leafs Make Splash in Free Agency and Sign Tim Connolly

Leafs fans have been waiting and wondering when the Leafs would finally make a splash into the free agent market and sign a player that could help the Leafs out.  Yesterday afternoon after the Leafs found out that Brad Richards signed with the New York Rangers, so they focused their attention on center Tim Connolly of the Buffalo Sabres. The Leafs offered him a two year deal worth $9.5 million dollars, which comes out to $5.5 million in the first year and then $4 million in the second year of the deal. Read moreRead more


Toronto Maple Leafs Looking Good So Far! Everything is Going According to Burke’s Plan

It’s a little bit early to start planning the parade for the Toronto Maple Leafs. However, this season’s edition of the Leafs is obviously far superior to the group that suited up in the Blue & White last year. Many people wanted Brian Burke’s head on a platter after he traded two first round picks and a second rounder for sniper Phil Kessel. There was no denying that Kessel had a good year last year, scoring 30 goals in only 70 games, playing without a legitimate center. However, the Leafs stumbled at the beginning of the season and were never really in playoff contention. Read moreRead more


Toronto Maple Leafs Pre Season So Far

As a Leaf fan and a hockey fan, I can’t deny it. I was excited for the NHL pre season to begin. After seeing the Leafs stink it up for the majority of last season, and only turn it on when it no longer mattered (as they have the last couple seasons in a row) I wanted to see what they could do from the outset this year. Read moreRead more


NHL 11 Release / Launch: Taylor Hall, Nazem Kadri & More in the Rookie Challenge!

Today was the media only launch of EA Sports’ NHL 11. The launch featured a “Rookie Challenge”. NHL rookies Taylor Hall, Nazem Kadri, Tyler Seguin and more squared off in a massive tournament to demonstrate that they are just as skilled at video game hockey as they are on the ice.  NHL 11 is the highly anticipated 2010 – 2011 edition of EA Sport’s popular NHL franchise.  NHL has always provided top of the line graphics, simulation style game play, incredible controls, and the best overall hockey video game experience. Read moreRead more