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Otterbox Defender for BlackBerry PlayBook Review

I am always on the go. As a business professional, I am traveling non stop. When I am traveling for business, I like to bring work with me, so I bring my BlackBerry Playbook along. The PlayBook is built quite well, but I am always worried about scratching the screen, or dropping the unit. I needed a really strong case to protect it from the bumps and bruises associated with frequent travel, so I went out and got the Otterbox Defender for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Otterboxes are known as some of the toughest cases around, here are my thoughts on the Otterbox Defender for the BlackBerry Playbook. Read moreRead more


Veho Pebble Portable Battery Pack Charger Review

The nature of my job is such that I am always on the move.  Whether I am flying, on the train, in the car or on the bus, I am always travelling.  Nothing makes the time fly by during travel better than using a personal media device.  Whether its a Play Station Portable, an iPad, iPod, iPhone, or even a miniature DVD player, these various devices always keep me busy and make the travel time fly by.  However, when I am on a long journey, without access to a power outlet my issue is that many of these devices only last for a couple of hours.  That just isn’t long enough.  The folks at Veho have come up with a solution to my problem.  The Veho XT Pebble Portable Battery Pack Charger can store enough power to fully recharge most electronic devices up to four times. Read moreRead more


iStyle Originals: Clothing for the iGeneration

Whenever I go anywhere these days, I can’t help but notice people using their various hand held devices.  The loud guy on the bus chatting with his buddy on his sleek new iPhone four.  The teen sitting beside me on the subway with his big headphones on, blasting rock music from his iPod.  The girls in the gym running while listening to music on their iPod nanos.  Apple stuff is everywhere.  Its “i” this, and “i” that, all the time!  For those who have really embraced the “i” scene, and are part of generation “i”, you can now wear clothing from iStyle Originals. Read moreRead more


iPad 2 Preview

Steve Jobs recently came back from his sick leave to discuss the launch of Apple’s new iPad 2, a minor update to Apple’s tablet device. The original iPad has done very well all across the world, but with many competitors releasing their own tablet alternatives, Apple had to step their game up. In all honesty, there were no major surprises at all. The iPad goes from being a large iPhone 3GS to a large iPhone 4. All of the features, specs, accessories, and applications were all previously discussed by many different rumor sites and other sources. Read moreRead more


BudFits, CordFits, & CordShrink Giveaway Courtesy of Innovelis!

Are you tired of having your iPod’s ear buds fall out of your ears? Do you hate having that extra slack from your headphones dangling all over the place and getting in your way? Do you have a hard time finding a good place to hold your new iPod nano G6? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the folks at INNOVELIS have the answer for you. Read moreRead more


Epic Games to Provide Gears of War & Arkham Asylum Technology to Apple’s iPad and iPhone Game Developers

The development technology that created award winning video games like Gears of War (1, 2 & 3) and the Batman Arkham Asylum Series is soon going to be made available to iPhone and iPad game developers. This is a massive indication that the mobile gaming industry is booming, especially on Apple’s platforms. Read moreRead more


BlackBerry Creator RIM Releases Playbook Tablet to Compete with iPad

Research In Motion. the company who makes Blackberry, has unveiled a tablet as well as a new operating system that will run on it. The unveiling has occured this week as expected. Insiders had labeled the tablet the “blackpad”, but it has been called the “playbook”. It is set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2010. The tablet has a 7 inch touch screen and several cameras. Read moreRead more


Android versus Ipad

The Tablet wars are starting to heat up!! While Steve Jobs Apple has more or less created a new category with its highly successful Ipad, other Electronics Giants are jumping into the fray. In recent days both Toshiba and Samsung have announced the introduction of their own Android powered Tablets which will tap into the 50,000+ library of available applications on the Android Market. The PMP giant Archos has also introduced a wave of Android tablets ranging from 3.2″ to 7″ which are literally Ipod Touch to Ipad sized competitors. Read moreRead more


Samsung & Toshiba Launching Tablets Cheaper than iPad!

Samsung and Toshiba both unveiled tablets in Berlin yesterday.  Their goal is to provide legitimate competition to Apple’s iPad, and steal a market share by providing quality alternatives at better prices.   Toshiba’s Folio 100 is set to cost about $511 (US), which undercuts the iPad.  Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, along with the Folio, are set to launch in Europe next month.  The Tab’s prices are yet to be determined. Read moreRead more


Will Tablets Make Laptops Obsolete?

I have heard the rumours and even thought about it myself. Will tablet computers eventually make laptops obsolete?

People think that tablets are going to eventually have the abilities of full on computers. There is expected to be a variety of tablet computers launched in the next five years ranging from $300 to $1,000. The Apple iPad is currently available and ranges in price from $499 to $829 (US). Read moreRead more