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Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY Preview

Apple and Blackberry have been dominating the smart phone market lately. I’ve always been a fan of Sony, but none of their phones have impressed me as of late. Sony’s partnership with Ericsson has yielded mixed results. I am a fan of the XPERIA X10, but many within the smart phone industry are not. Sony has finally stepped up their game with a new, formidable entry into the market. Sony Ericsson, a joint venture between Sweden’s Telefon AB L.M. Ericsson and Japan’s Sony Corp, finally offered us a glimpse at the highly anticipated new smart phone they jointly designed for playing high quality video games. Read moreRead more


Google’s New App Store Market.Android.Com

Google is fighting Apple tooth and nail in the mobile app sector.  Google announced the launch of a new web store for applications that run on mobile devices which operate Android.  The Internet company is doing it’s best to keep up with Apple.  Users of Android devices like Motorola’s Droid or HTC’s Evo smart phones previously had access to the Android app market only through their phones, but the app makers have complained it was difficult for them to get noticed there because the marketplace was built around lists of featured apps and top downloads. Read moreRead more


Android VS. Iphone

Apple Computers latest financial reports indicate a 61% increase in IPhones sold over the same 3rd quarter as last year. Yet in spite of the record sales for IPhone fueled by IPhone 4 it seems that the Android army has exceeded those figures. Read moreRead more


HTC Phones and Cooked Roms

We recently wrote about running Googles latest Operating System FROYO on an HTC HD2 Smartphone.  Please understand that the HTC HD2 offered by Tmobile in the U.S. comes from the factory with Windows Mobile 6.5.  There initially was a buzz in the industry that HTC would offer either an Android updated version (which is basically the Sprint HTC Evo 4G) or that an “OFFICIAL” version of Froyo would be released by HTC.  There does not seem to be any truth to the rumours that HTC will offer an Android “upgrade” for the HD2.  This is primarily due to the huge amount of customization necessary for developing another operating system on one hardware platform.  As evidenced in our article:

Running Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2

the HTC HD2 can run Froyo however it is NOT installed into the READ ONLY MEMORY of the device, which requires FLASHING, but actually runs right from the SD Card installed in the device.  The ideal situation would be for a FROYO Cooked Rom to appear which could be flashed to the Nand Flash of the HD2 allowing us to run Froyo fast and without bugs.  This article is dedicated to running Cooked Roms on HTC phones, and I am not just talking about the HTC HD2. Read moreRead more


Running Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2

This is surely something that is going to amaze the non-techie crowd out there.  HTC’s HD2 cellphone has brought huge success to T-Mobile in the U.S. due to its tremendous Hardware specifications.  The Huge 4.3 LCD Brilliant Screen certainly puts the new Iphone 4 on notice that everything “Apple” is not always the greatest.  The HD2 also packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1Ghz Processor which gives this phone a lot of horsepower under the hood.  The ability to change the battery, but more importantly to add memory via a Micro SD card certainly gives this unit a huge leg up on the Iphone.   HOWEVER, the most incredible thing about this device is that the Amazing developers over at XDA-DEVELOPERS.COM  have created a version of Android 2.2 Froyo which will run on the HTC HD2 unmodified.
Yes all you hacker wannabees can just download the latest Darkstone Froyo W HTC Sense from the XDA-Developers website.  Just unzip it into a directory named Android, copy it to your Micro SD Card in the Root of the Main directory, click inside the Android directory on a file called CLRCAD, and then on one called HARET and within seconds you will start loading code.  Lines and lines of programming code will flash across your screen and within one to two minutes you will see an Android on your screen. Read moreRead more


Windows Mobile Hacking

The Intergalactic Guide to Hacking your Windows Mobile Device

I don’t know about you Smartphone addicts out there but I just love all the options available to people that own Windows Mobile devices. I just received my latest Smartphone and its gorgeous. The HTC HD2 or “LEO” as its known in the Cellphone Universe is a gorgeous implementation of all the latest technologies in one large screened Adonis.

Read moreRead more


Google Android 2.1

For those of you out there that have Smartphones there are many operating systems that run our cellphone hardware. Although we all like to have the sleekest coolest looking phone the underlying performance is also heavily dictated by the Operating System onboard. Read moreRead more


HTC HD2 Review

I have just received the newest HTC Windows Mobile phone from the U.S, the Tmobile HD2.  While many editors try to compare every smartphone that hits the market as a challenger to the Apple Iphone and the comparisons fall short, this phone could be deemed as a serious challenger. Read moreRead more