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HTC Phones and Cooked Roms

We recently wrote about running Googles latest Operating System FROYO on an HTC HD2 Smartphone.  Please understand that the HTC HD2 offered by Tmobile in the U.S. comes from the factory with Windows Mobile 6.5.  There initially was a buzz in the industry that HTC would offer either an Android updated version (which is basically the Sprint HTC Evo 4G) or that an “OFFICIAL” version of Froyo would be released by HTC.  There does not seem to be any truth to the rumours that HTC will offer an Android “upgrade” for the HD2.  This is primarily due to the huge amount of customization necessary for developing another operating system on one hardware platform.  As evidenced in our article:

Running Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2

the HTC HD2 can run Froyo however it is NOT installed into the READ ONLY MEMORY of the device, which requires FLASHING, but actually runs right from the SD Card installed in the device.  The ideal situation would be for a FROYO Cooked Rom to appear which could be flashed to the Nand Flash of the HD2 allowing us to run Froyo fast and without bugs.  This article is dedicated to running Cooked Roms on HTC phones, and I am not just talking about the HTC HD2. Read moreRead more