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Otterbox Defender for BlackBerry PlayBook Review

I am always on the go. As a business professional, I am traveling non stop. When I am traveling for business, I like to bring work with me, so I bring my BlackBerry Playbook along. The PlayBook is built quite well, but I am always worried about scratching the screen, or dropping the unit. I needed a really strong case to protect it from the bumps and bruises associated with frequent travel, so I went out and got the Otterbox Defender for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Otterboxes are known as some of the toughest cases around, here are my thoughts on the Otterbox Defender for the BlackBerry Playbook. Read moreRead more


Griffin TuneFlex Aux Handsfree for iPhone & iPod Touch

Griffin has come up with many fantastic accessories for gadget users over the years. Whether it was a car charger for an iPod, or a cradle for a smartphone, Griffin has a solution in accessory form to suit almost anyone’s needs. They have recently integrated several of their accessory gadgets into one package as the ultimate solution for iPhone / iPod touch users. Auxiliary (AUX) ports are becoming more and more common in vehicles these days. People bring their iPhones / iPods into the car and need a handy place to mount their iPods while they drive. The dilemma is that drivers still need to beg able to access the screen to choose their music. Griffin’s TuneFlex AUX Handsfree is the answer. Read moreRead more


Sony Playstation Vita Hardware, Games, Now Available!

Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. today announced the launch of the highly anticipated PlayStation®Vita (PS Vita), the next generation portable entertainment system, available now in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. PS Vita delivers new ways to play games that have never been seen on any device, coupled with rich social features to keep players connected to their gaming community. With the biggest and best launch lineup in PlayStation® history, PS Vita offers more than 25 titles on day one, plus a broad selection of accessories. PS Vita is also launching today in Europe and Australia. Read moreRead more


Playstation Vita Review & Launch Event

This past Friday I got the opportunity to attend the Playstation Vita launch party in Toronto. I have had practically every single gaming system that Sony has produced, be it the original Playstation, PSP, PS2 and now the PS3, so I was very excited to see how the developers at Sony would top it off with their new entry into the hand held gaming segment. Sony has had a lot of success with gaming consoles and hand helds, but with mobile gaming seemingly taking over, Sony has a tall task ahead of it. The event gave us the opportunity to play with the Vita hands on, and these are my first impressions of it. Read moreRead more


Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone Case

Nissan today announced the latest piece of must-have kit for the iPhone* – a ground-breaking self-healing iPhone case. The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case features the brand’s pioneering self-healing paint finish, a world first in paint technology developed in 2005. Now this ground-breaking technology has been applied to a product that’s prone to scratches through everyday use – the smartphone – with Nissan’s new Scratch Shield case meaning iPhone-lovers can keep their phone looking at its best for longer. Read moreRead more


OtterBox Commuter for iPhone 4 Review

When it comes to the market for cell phone cases, you have two options. You can go for something fashionable, which will make your phone look fantastic and provide minimal protection, or you can go for something that provides extreme protection, but is often bulky and ugly. Otterbox is one of the few companies that manages to bridge that gap. They are best known for their solid protection oriented case, the Defender. The Defender provides maximum iPhone 4 protection, but at times can be bulky. OtterBox knows that its not for everyone, and thus has successfully bridged the gap with their Commuter Series. The Commuter provides the same high standard of protection as the defender, but in a more stylish and slimmed down package. Read moreRead more


Veho 360 Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Do you enjoy music on the go? Are you the kind of person who has no room on your desk for a speaker system? If you are looking for a space saving, high quality speaker system, then Veho has the ultimate product for you. It is called the Veho 360. The Veho 360 is a tiny speaker that measures 4 centimeters in diameter and is only 5 centimeters tall. The entire speaker weighs in at a mere 70 grams! For such a small piece of hardware, the speaker manages to fill a medium sized room with clear sound for its users to enjoy. Read moreRead more


Speck Candyshell Flip for iPhone 4 Review

U Be the Critic recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The show had some big attractions, including giant 3D televisions, flying robots you can control from your cell phone, and tons of new tablets due to be launched this year.  The one thing that really surprised me was the amount of companies creating cases and accessories for the iPhone and iPad.  There was so much selection, but few quality offerings.  One of the companies that stood out from the pack was speck.  If you have been to an Apple store, you’ve seen their products.  The Apple store generally only carries high quality 3rd party accessories for their products, and speck definitely meets Apple’s standards.  Speck offers cases for the iphone and ipad, laptop bags, and many other accessories for various electronics.  Today we are reviewing their Candyshell Flip case for the iPhone 4. Read moreRead more


Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY Preview

Apple and Blackberry have been dominating the smart phone market lately. I’ve always been a fan of Sony, but none of their phones have impressed me as of late. Sony’s partnership with Ericsson has yielded mixed results. I am a fan of the XPERIA X10, but many within the smart phone industry are not. Sony has finally stepped up their game with a new, formidable entry into the market. Sony Ericsson, a joint venture between Sweden’s Telefon AB L.M. Ericsson and Japan’s Sony Corp, finally offered us a glimpse at the highly anticipated new smart phone they jointly designed for playing high quality video games. Read moreRead more


The Car Key of the Future

Car keys as you know them are about to take a huge step forward. There is speculation in the industry that car keys will soon go head to head with cell phones in the battle for which one will become your new wallet. German auto maker BMW believes that people will be paying for things when out and about not with your wallet or cell, but with your car keys. Read moreRead more