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Dwight Howard Traded to the Lakers: The New Big Three or Four

Dwight Howard used to be one of my favorite NBA Players. Now that Howard has been traded to the Lakers, I don’t like him anymore. When he was the underdog on the Magic, what wasn’t to like? He is the best center on the planet, big, fast, strong, with jaw dropping athleticism for a man of his size. He was the quiet, loyal star who actually wanted to lead the Orlando Magic to victory. He single handedly carried the Magic to the finals a few years ago, and Stan Van Gundy built the team’s system around Howard’s talents. All of that has changed. Howard has demanded another trade from Orlando, less than a year after exercising his option to stay there. He got his wish and the “Big 4″ was born. Read moreRead more


NBA 2K12 (PS3) Review

With the 2011 – 2012 the NBA season looking more and more unlikely every day, I felt I needed to get my basketball fix somehow. If I can’t watch the best players in the world play, why not take control of them in a video game? The NBA 2K series has recently set the standard for National Basketball Association (NBA) video games. While EA dominates the hockey video game market, 2K is the absolute leader for basketball simulation. Last year’s NBA 2k11 was absolutely phenomenal. It brought Michael Jordan back into the equation, allowing players to use him in the game to bring back those dominant Bulls teams. The graphics, controls, and overall experience were heads above the competition. It was so good in fact, that EA didn’t even bother releasing their NBA Elite game. 2K keeps upping the ante with NBA 2K12. It takes everything that made 11 so good, and improves upon it. Read moreRead more


What is Wrong with the Miami Heat?

I’ve been in Miami for the last couple of weeks and have had the luxury of watching the superstar laden Miami Heat play. As a Torontonian, I am used to watching the Toronto Raptors, or CRAPtors as I lovingly refer to them as. Since I left, there has been a role reversal. The Heat have begun stinking South Beach up with lackluster play, and the Raptors have begun putting up some Ws. What has sparked this strange twist of fate? The very same thing that has brought the Lakers back to back championships. The 2 D’s, defence and depth. Read moreRead more


Eva Longoria and Tony Parker Divorce?

Another high profile celebrity marriage bites the dust. Just three short years after they were wed in a European castle, Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria has filed for a divorce from San Antonio Spur’s star point guard Tony Parker. The Desperate Housewives star filed the divorce documents in a Los Angeles area Superior Court only one day after her representative vehemently denied that Tony Parker had filed divorce papers in a Texas area court. Read moreRead more


Toronto Raptors 2010 Fan Jam, Pictures & Season Preview

U Be the Critic recently attended the Toronto Raptors Fan Jam at the Air Canada Centre. The Raptors hold it yearly. They give out free tickets to the event as a way to hype fans up for the beginning of a new season. The event featured a pre show where b-ballers did tricks for the crowd, an inter squad scrimmage, a skills competition, and tons of prize giveaways. This was much needed for the Toronto fan base after losing superstar Chris Bosh to the Miami Heat in the off season. Read moreRead more


Will Carmelo Go to the Nets in 4 Team Blockbuster Deal

With NBA training camps starting today, most of the buzz around the NBA is surrounding superstar Carmelo Anthony and where he will end up. This whole offseason has been full of rumors of him going to Nets, Bulls, Knicks, and Houston. Read moreRead more


NBA 2K11 Trailers: Signature Moves Trailer Featuring David Lee, Derrick Rose & Rajon Rondo, & Michael Jordan Trailer

2K Sports released a new trailer for their popular NBA 2k11 series.  The game is expected to be launched in stores in early October.  Many people favor the 2K sports series over EA’s NBA Live Series for basketball games.  The game is highly anticipated.  The trailer features Derrick  Rose and David Lee playing the game and trash talking one another.  Rajon Rondo promptly interrupts their game and reminds them who holds a championship ring.  Check the trailer out, and grab the game when it hits the stores!

Read moreRead more


Yao Ming To Retire?

Yao Ming, may retire after next season if his foot doesn’t fully heal, which has bothered him for a while. Early on in his career, he was really healthy actually playing two full seasons, and just missing two games in his 3rd season  in the league.

If healthy, he can put up big numbers and has averaged 25 pointers per game in his career before, and I think he could be around those numbers again, but it’s all up to his lingering foot injury. Read moreRead more


Is Kid Canada the Best Point Guard in the NBA?

There is no denying his ability, and the way he envisions the court, is truly remarkable. He’ll provide you with 16-18 points a game, and 10+ assists a game easily. The last couple seasons he even reached 11+ assists. Steve has put together 6 straight seasons of shooting 50% or better from the field. He truly makes everyone around him better, and even made some mediocre players look like all-stars out there, so they could cash in on some big deals come free agency time. Nash will play hurt, with a broken nose, cuts all over his face, broken bones, it doesn’t matter, whenever he falls down, he’ll get right back at up. Steve has a hockey mentality it seems when it comes to the roughness of the game, or playing hurt, and many fans appreciate that aspect of his game. Read moreRead more


Raptors deal Turkoglu to the Suns almost complete!!

There are reports out there that a deal is pretty much done between the Raptors and the Suns. It would send Turkoglu to the Suns for Barbosa and Dwayne Jones. Turkoglu’s tenure looks like it maybe over in Toronto finally. I know a lot of Toronto fans who are happy to be hearing this news. Read moreRead more