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Major League Baseball Free Agents 2010 – 2011: The Rich Get Richer

About one month after the Giants surprised the world and won the World Series, free agency is already in full effect. There have been several key moves, including some for the newly crowned champs. The Giants lost the services of Juan Uribe and Series MVP Edgar Renteria, and replaced the two with an aging and regressing Miguel Tejada. The Yankees and Rangers are fighting over the services of Cliff Lee, and the Yanks are in the process of resigning their two aging cornerstones, SS Derek Jeter and closer Mariano Rivera. Read moreRead more


2K Sports Names Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies as Cover Athlete for Major League Baseball 2K11

2K Sports announced today that they have named Philadelphia Phillies™ ace pitcher, Roy Halladay, as the cover athlete for their upcoming video game Major League Baseball® 2K11, the next iteration of the popular Major League Baseball 2K series. Read moreRead more


Stephen Strasburg Needs Tommy John Surgery! ALREADY!

So much for the Washington Nationals’ rookie of the year candidate Stephen Strasburg. It has been revealed that Strasburg has a torn ligament in his elbow and needs season ending Tommy John surgery. Strasburg has been phenomenal since coming up to the big leagues this season. He has dominated clubs with his high velocity fastball, sharp breaking curve, and providing a good mix with his changeup. Read moreRead more


MLB Trade Deadline Analysis: Jays Stand Pat

In every professional sport, when it comes down to a season’s trade deadline, you have your traditional buyers, and your traditional sellers. The buyers are those teams who are on the hunt for a championship, or those who are one or two players away from a championship. The sellers are those who realize that this season is rightoff, or those with players who are pending free agents that they know won’t resign. Most general managers in a selling position utilize the trade deadline to recoup some assets for their rebuilding process. When you know a star player isn’t going to commit long term to your franchise, you offset the loss by stocking your system with prospects who may step in one day and fill the departing star player’s shoes. Read moreRead more


Stephen Strasburg: Perennial All – Star or Hall of Famer?

21 year old phenom Stephen Strasburg, showed the world in his debut, what the hype was truly about, and came through with the victory for his team. Needing only 94 pitches, Strasburg made it through seven innings allowing four hits and two runs. He had a whopping 14 strikeouts in his MLB Debut. Read moreRead more