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Tweaking Your Android for Maximum Performance

I have owned Android handsets since the release of the very first model the T-Mobile G1. As the Google Operating System has evolved over the past couple of years there have been major improvements in both features and performance. However there seems to be one area where there are consistent complaints and that is battery life.

While most Smartphones of today pack huge horsepower under the hood and bright power hungry screens there are some underlying aspects of Androids operation that need to be understood. When you know how Android works deep inside your phone you will have a better idea of how to squeeze every last drop of juice out of it. Read moreRead more


Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb Tablet

My Motorola Xoom Tablet just arrived and I have to say that this is one nicely made product. Motorola has pulled out all the stops in making this tablet extremely solid and a demonstration of the high quality product that they can create. The device itself is slim and has that famous Motorola durability. Unfortunately the trade off you get with the Xoom’s premium aluminum chassis is that it comes with a weight that is best left in a stand or a cradle. Read moreRead more


Sony Ericsson XPERIA PLAY Preview

Apple and Blackberry have been dominating the smart phone market lately. I’ve always been a fan of Sony, but none of their phones have impressed me as of late. Sony’s partnership with Ericsson has yielded mixed results. I am a fan of the XPERIA X10, but many within the smart phone industry are not. Sony has finally stepped up their game with a new, formidable entry into the market. Sony Ericsson, a joint venture between Sweden’s Telefon AB L.M. Ericsson and Japan’s Sony Corp, finally offered us a glimpse at the highly anticipated new smart phone they jointly designed for playing high quality video games. Read moreRead more


The Car Key of the Future

Car keys as you know them are about to take a huge step forward. There is speculation in the industry that car keys will soon go head to head with cell phones in the battle for which one will become your new wallet. German auto maker BMW believes that people will be paying for things when out and about not with your wallet or cell, but with your car keys. Read moreRead more


HTC Desire Z at Bell Launched November 3, 2010

Today is the day that Bell Canada launched their latest Android handset, the Desire Z. The “Z” is yet another addition to Bells’ “Space Station” of Android handsets. While everyone is still feeling the iPhone 4 envy due to short supply, Bell has embraced Android and its newest addition…the Desire Z. Read moreRead more


Android VS. Iphone

Apple Computers latest financial reports indicate a 61% increase in IPhones sold over the same 3rd quarter as last year. Yet in spite of the record sales for IPhone fueled by IPhone 4 it seems that the Android army has exceeded those figures. Read moreRead more


Android Update

That little Robot is catching up FASTTTTTTT!!!!! According to an article in Computerworld, the Gartner Group predicts that Android will surpass both Blackberry and the iPhones iOS4 in total units shipped Worldwide. Its interesting to note how the Google operating system is not limited to one hardware vendors sales as the Apple Iphone is. Multiple vendors are producing Smartphones which run Android from the likes of HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG. Read moreRead more


Android Owners Unite!!!

Isn’t it just wonderful how we all spend our hard earned dollars on very expensive Smartphones with the intention of keeping them for a long time.  After all these babies are packed with the latest and greatest hardware technology and after paying some $200-$300 to our Cellular Carriers we are still paying the subsidies every month.  The phones actually end up costing us much much more.  But thats not the basis of this review.  What I am talking about is the lack of support coming out of our Smartphone manufacturers for the newest versions of Android.

Many of us have purchased Motorola Milestones, Google Nexus One, Tmobile G1, HTC Incredible and the list goes on and on.  Long after Google announced the introduction of Android 2.1 it actually takes these manufacturers months to introduce an update to the latest version of Android.   Isn’t our money good enough??  The bigger problem is that a lot of our phones are being overlooked for the updates.  They obviously have the Power to handle newer versions of Google Android therefore why are we not getting them in a timely fashion??  Worse yet, why are we hearing that there are cases where they WILL NOT BE INTRODUCING A NEW VERSION OF GOOGLE FOR OUR PHONES AT ALL!!! Read moreRead more


How Research In Motion Lost the Smartphone Battle All By Itself

Over 10 years ago, a little Canadian company called Research In Motion released a device so advanced,  it set the stage for the mobile office and the forthcoming smartphone era. A phone with email capabilities and security for the enterprise was a game changer. Businesses realized that with this device, the office became truly portable. Everyone became addicted, giving the Blackberry device the nickname Crackberry. RIM sold millions of these things. Every quarter the company would grow and grow and grow, selling more than 11million units this past quarter.

But while RIM was enjoying brisk sales of its Blackberry device, it had secretly awoken two sleeping giants.

Enter Google and Apple.

Google and Apple both entered the mobile space with different game plans. Google needs eyeballs for its ad platforms, so it created an OS called Android and gave it away for free to any mobile handset company that wanted a modern OS. Apple on the other hand, decided to create a closed system, called iOS, that it controls in order to ensure a great user experience. Both of these operating systems are extremely advanced, allowing users to have a rich, user experience and they have both pioneered the app era. Read moreRead more


Google Android 2.1

For those of you out there that have Smartphones there are many operating systems that run our cellphone hardware. Although we all like to have the sleekest coolest looking phone the underlying performance is also heavily dictated by the Operating System onboard. Read moreRead more