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anberlin – Dark is The Way, Light is a Place (2010) Review

anberlin’s new album Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place came out on September 7, 2010.   As someone who was listening to anberlin for the first time I couldn’t determine whether this album left me wanting to listen to more.  There are ten songs on this album with titles that make you wonder, but some songs that end up being a disappointment. Read moreRead more


Jonah Hex (2010) Movie Review

I am a big fan of comic book to movie adaptations. Most comic book turned movies haven’t had good reviews, however I’ve enjoyed the Fantastic Four and Spider Man series. Batman, Watchmen and the Iron Man movies all did very well in the box offices. DC Comics’ relatively unknown comic series, Jonah Hex, follows the exploits of Jonah Hex, a scarred, left for dead bounty hunter who uses big weaponry and the ability to speak to the dead to hunt his nemesis, Turnbull. Read moreRead more


MTV The Buried Life Season 2 Premiere and Trailer

The much anticipated show, The Buried Life, which debuted January 18th, 2010 on MTV will be returning to the airwaves Monday September 27th, 2010 for a second season. Tony DiSanto, President of Programming for MTV has decided to pick up the show for a second season. The show follows the adventures of four friends Duncan, Ben, Jonnie and Dave as they travel the country trying to complete a list of  100 things they want to do before they die. For each item they cross off their list, they help a stranger accomplish one of their dreams. The first season did really well and attracted great ratings for MTV. Read moreRead more


Papa Roach – Time For Annihilation (2010) Album Review

Papa Roach is back with their seventh album, Time For Annihilation which was released on August 31st, 2010. For all you people who don’t know who Papa Roach is, they are an American rock band out of Vacaville, California. Their first major label album “Infest in the year (2000)” went triple platinum. Their album Lovehatetragedy in (2000) went gold, there other albums in 2004, 2006 and 2009 all went platinum. Papa Roach has had great success in the music industry. They have sold more then 10 million copies in their career. Papa Roach is known for their hits like Last Resort, Scars, Forever, Lifeline and others. Read moreRead more