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Posts from the ‘Video Reviews’ Category


Casio’s Bluetooth Low Energy Watch Communicates with Smartphones! Hands on at CES (Video)

U Be the Critic recently attended the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  We were fortunate enough to get a hands on experience with Casio’s newest watch, the Blue tooth Low Energy wristwatch. The watch enables users to control and use certain smart phone functions from their wrist watch.  I have always thought that one day watches would be used as cell phones, and this is definitely a step forward in that direction. Read moreRead more


Sony Playstation Move Event and Demo! See it in Action!

U Be the Critic was lucky enough to be invited to Sony’s media only event where they demonstrated the new Playstation Move. Several systems were set up in “living rooms” across Leon’s Roundhouse, and members of the press got to be some of the first people to try out Sony’s new move controller. Read moreRead more


2010 Ford Mustang Review

Today is a special day for U Be the Critic.  We have completed our very first video review.  The subject of our video review was the 2010 Ford Mustang GT.  I went with U Be the Critic’s Automotive specialist to the local Ford Dealer and we took a loaded mustang out for a test drive.  The car is an absolute beast.  We covered the exterior, interior, powerplant, and more.  I won’t spoil it for you.   Let us know what you think, and provide us with comments so we can continually improve our site, and our video review technique.  Enough said!  Check out our the video! Read moreRead more