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Euro 2012 Group Stage Predictions and Betting

The beautiful game is finally back on an international level. It was a shocking year in the European domestic leagues. Surprising teams like Manchester City and Real Madrid shocked the superpowers like Manchester United and Barcelona to take the Premier League and the La Liga championships. Chelsea stunned Barcelona in the Champions League and beat Bayern Munich to take the title. Everything in the soccer world is upside down right now. Will Euro 2012 international play provide us with as many shocks as the domestic and champions leagues did? Here are my predictions for the Euro 2012 Group Stages. Read moreRead more


FIFA 11 (PS3) Review

Ever since I watched the World Cup 4 years ago, I instantly became a massive fan of soccer. Soccer is not as big in North America as it is in Europe, so it took some exposure to the best players in the world to peak my interest. However, there was a preamble to the World Cup that made me interested in soccer. It was the availability of quality soccer game on the Playstation 2 at the time. Read moreRead more


Panathinaikos beats Inter Milan 3-2 in Toronto showdown!!

This past Tuesday August 3rd Panathinaikos came to Toronto to play Inter Milan at the Rogers Centre. I was there sitting midfield 13th row with my brother. It ended up being a great game.

Panathinaikos is coming off a great year in which it included winning the Greek Super League and Greek Cup this past season. Inter Milan this past season won the 2010 Champions League, Scudetto and Coppa Italia titles.

It was a great game even though Inter didnt have Julio Cesar playing or Wesley Sneijder there. Early on, Inter didnt seem to intent on attacking early on as Panathinaikos was coming at Inter really strong in the early going. Djibril Cisse who played for France in the world cup put on a show early on. Read moreRead more


The Scoop on TFC and Major League Soccer

After reading the article on u be the critic entitled “Toronto teams woes” I felt obligated to take the writers advice and touch upon Toronto FC and Major League Soccer (MLS) as a whole. Established in 1993, MLS was formed as part of the United States bid to host the world cup, which they subsequently won and hosted in 1994. The creation of MLS ended a nine year professional soccer drought in the US, as the original professional soccer league, the “North American Soccer League” (NASL) folded due to rapid expansion and lack of funds. In the early years MLS suffered from similar issues as the NASL such as low attendance, financial problems, and a Dynasty club which took away from the overall competitiveness of the league. The MLS was further impacted negatively when the American national soccer team, made up of primarily American MLS players, came dead last in the 1998 World cup. Read moreRead more



Theirry Henry was cut from Barcelona last month only scoring 4goals and loosing his starting spot  following the emergence of Pedro Rodriguez and Bojan Krkic. Read moreRead more


World Cup Finals: Spain 1 – Netherlands 0

The 2010 World Cup has come to an uneventful end.  The Euro champions, Spain, vanquished an upstart Dutch team to claim soccer’s biggest trophy. Read moreRead more


South American Powerhouses Sent Packing

Now that the quarter finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup are over, we can begin looking forward to the semis.  The dream South American final, Brazil vs Argentina, is now over. Read moreRead more


Worst Refs EVER

As we get deeper into the knockout round of the 2010 World Cup, several things have become clear.  One, the previous finalists and other teams who were expected to go far (England, France, Italy, USA) have not played the quality football expected of them and thus are going home.  Two, this tournament has been plagued by the WORST OFFICIATING I have ever seen in a world class tournament. Read moreRead more


Arrivederci Italia

Both World Cup finalists from 2006 are going home.  First the French were sent home by South Africa, and now the Italians, winless after two group games, have their tickets to Rome booked by a lively Slovakia squad. Read moreRead more


The Field Gets Narrower..The Picture gets clearer

Several weeks into the tournament the picture is getting clearer.  Pretenders like France have booked their flights home from South Africa, while contenders like England have booked their tickets into the knockout round. Read moreRead more