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Stars Align: Miami Heat Now Have Lebron, Wade & Bosh

With the biggest NBA free agent period EVER upon us, one thing is clear.  No NBA stars want to play in Toronto.  Chris Bosh, the leading scorer and rebounder in Toronto Raptors history has declared his intentions to join Dwayne Wade, and possibly Lebron James in Miami. Read moreRead more


3rd Liner Pile Up

So Brian Burke continues his rebuilding of the Toronto Maple Leafs. His first move of the offseason was to trade Viktor Stalberg, and prospects Chris Didomenico, and Philip Paradis for cup winner Kris Versteeg and Bill Sweatt. Read moreRead more


South American Powerhouses Sent Packing

Now that the quarter finals of the 2010 FIFA World Cup are over, we can begin looking forward to the semis.  The dream South American final, Brazil vs Argentina, is now over. Read moreRead more


Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Winds

As a Toronto born and raised Leaf fan, nothing pisses me off more than knowing that the Leafs are actually in the league spotlight for the worst possible reason.   Now that the Blackhawks have won the cup, we are now the team in the NHL with the longest standing Stanley Cup drought.  Read moreRead more


Worst Refs EVER

As we get deeper into the knockout round of the 2010 World Cup, several things have become clear.  One, the previous finalists and other teams who were expected to go far (England, France, Italy, USA) have not played the quality football expected of them and thus are going home.  Two, this tournament has been plagued by the WORST OFFICIATING I have ever seen in a world class tournament. Read moreRead more


Arrivederci Italia

Both World Cup finalists from 2006 are going home.  First the French were sent home by South Africa, and now the Italians, winless after two group games, have their tickets to Rome booked by a lively Slovakia squad. Read moreRead more


The Field Gets Narrower..The Picture gets clearer

Several weeks into the tournament the picture is getting clearer.  Pretenders like France have booked their flights home from South Africa, while contenders like England have booked their tickets into the knockout round. Read moreRead more


A Cup Full of Upsets

Now that most of the teams have played their second game, we have a better understanding of how the teams are faring at this 2010 World Cup. Read moreRead more


Major Upset: Switzerland 1, Spain 0

The first major upset of the tournament has finally happened.  Spain, the winners of Euro and a highly touted squad projected to be one of the World Cup’s favorites, lost to a weak Switzerland team.  After dominating possession for the entire first half, the heavily favored Spaniards conceeded a goal on an awkward play in front of their net. Read moreRead more


Brazil 2, North Korea 1

To the delight of soccer fans across the world, the #1 ranked Brazillians played their first match of the 2010 World Cup today. Many people expected a blowout, with supposed “experts” predicting a 4 – 0 win by the South American powerhouse. The “experts” were wrong. Read moreRead more