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Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE: Lesnar vs Cena

Months ago, Brock Lesnar announced his retirement from Mixed Martial Arts. Brock Lesnar has finally returned to WWE. I wrote an article predicting that he’d inevitably return to the WWE and sign with Vince McMahon. You can view that article HERE The MMA and WWE worlds are a buzz right now with tweets and Facebook chatter regarding Brock Lesnar’s future. He has finally shown his hand and appeared on last night’s Monday night RAW, starting a new feud with none other than John Cena! Read moreRead more


Lesnar retires from UFC; returning to WWE?

After last night’s UFC 141 main-event loss to Alistair Overeem, Brock Lesnar announced his retirement from Mixed Martial Arts. The MMA world is a buzz right now with tweets and Facebook chatter regarding Brock Lesnar’s future. Will he simply take a few months off and return to MMA eventually or was this his last hoorah in the octagon? Read moreRead more


Is Brock Lesnar Quitting UFC?

According to Dave Meltzer of Yahoo Sports, former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar is looking for an “exit strategy” to get out of his UFC contract, which most believe currently has one fight left on it. Lesnar “badly” wants to work WWE’s WrestleMania 27 pay-per-view in Atlanta, Georgia next year and has been talking with WWE officials about how a deal can be reached. Read moreRead more


Brock Lesnar Loses: Bad for UFC Business?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship presented UFC 21 on Saturday night from the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. In front of a sold out crowd, the UFC hit another homerun. It seems that everything they touch turns to gold.

Business is booming. Read moreRead more


WWE vs UFC: Pro-wrestling has lost it’s edge

Professional wrestling has completely lost it’s edge. To say it’s different from the “golden era” would be the understatement of the century. The ratings have dropped from 6.4′s that they were doing in the late 90′s, to a weekly average of 3.2.

Scary. Read moreRead more


UFC 119 Predictions

UFC 119 takes place tomorrow night at Canseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Let’s take a closer look at the matchups, and my predictions for each fight. Read moreRead more


The Ultimate Fighter 12: GSP VS Koscheck

The new season is upon us, as season 12 kicks off for The Ultimate Fighter, this Wednesday on Spike TV at 10pm.  George St-Pierre will eventually defend his title against Josh Koscheck on December 11th in his hometown of Montreal.  Read moreRead more


UFC 118 Toney vs Couture Preview

This Saturday night, the headlines will read “MMA vs Boxing,” which sport will reign supreme? For the first time ever, a heavyweight boxing champion is going to enter the octagon and answer the questions that many fans have had since the emergence of the UFC. Who would win in a fight? A boxer or a UFC fighter? The headline of UFC 118′s card is none other than heavyweight boxer James Toney against the veteran beast of the UFC, Randy Couture. Read moreRead more


MMA coming to Ontario in 2011!!

This past saturday August 14th, the Ontario government will finally be allowing mixed martial arts to come to Ontario in the year 2011. It has been a long time coming, especially after Dalton McGuinty was against allowing it cause he said it wasn’t an important need to Ontario families. He insisted that there were more important stuff that needed to dealt with and UFC wasn’t on his mind at all.

I guess all that persuading by the UFC finally payed off. UFC did it in class as they even opened up an office here in Toronto in May and had former CFL commissioner Tom Wright in charge leading the way. Read moreRead more


UFC 117: Silva vs. Sonnen Predictions

Tonight the UFC presents one of the most stacked pay-per-view cards in recent memory. Anderson Silva, Matt Hughes, and Junior Dos Santos are all in action. Let’s get to the predictions!

UFC Middleweight Championship
Anderson “The Spider” Silva .vs. Chael Sonnen

To say that Chael Sonnen has talked a lot of trash would be the understatement of the century. Going into this fight, Silva is obviously the favourite, although some seem to think that Sonnen has a chance if he’s able to take Silva to the ground early. The big story in this fight will be whether or not Silva acts professionally.

His last fight in against Damian Mia was a joke to say the least. Dana White stated publicly that if Silva ever disrespects an opponent like that again, he will be released from his UFC contract immediately. Whether or not that’s simply a scare tactic remains to be seen. But either way, it’s definitely a way to add some excitement to tonight’s main-event. Read moreRead more