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Minnesota Wild take new approach to their development camp for prospects!!

With NHL teams having there development prospect camps right now around the NHL, most teams do the normal with drills and scrimmages broken up by sessions on strength, conditioning and talks about nutrition. Read moreRead more


Simon Gagne traded to Tampa!

Earlier today the Flyers sent Simon Gagne to the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for Matt Walker and a 4th round pick in the 2011 draft. Simon Gagne had a no trade clause he had to waive and he gladly waived it to go to the Lightning. Read moreRead more


Kovalchuk the Devil

After weeks of speculation, the contract has been signed.  Ilya Kovalchuk is NOT going to Russia to play in the KHL.  He’s not going to Hollywood to allow his wife to pursue her pop music career.  He signed a massive contract to stay with the New Jersey Devils. Read moreRead more


Should the Leafs take a risk and go after Demitra or Frolov??

Toronto fans are still waiting to see what else Brian Burke can pull off to make the Leafs better upfront. Yes he brought in Kris Versteeg who averaged 20goals a season while playing in Chicago. He also brought in gritty winger Colby Armstrong  who is a solid pickup and can average around 15-20 goals a season and be a great penalty killing specialist. Read moreRead more


3rd Liner Pile Up

So Brian Burke continues his rebuilding of the Toronto Maple Leafs. His first move of the offseason was to trade Viktor Stalberg, and prospects Chris Didomenico, and Philip Paradis for cup winner Kris Versteeg and Bill Sweatt. Read moreRead more


Toronto Maple Leafs Trade Winds

As a Toronto born and raised Leaf fan, nothing pisses me off more than knowing that the Leafs are actually in the league spotlight for the worst possible reason.   Now that the Blackhawks have won the cup, we are now the team in the NHL with the longest standing Stanley Cup drought.  Read moreRead more


We Have a Winner!

After a long and exciting Stanley Cup playoffs, the winner has been decided. The young and exciting Chicago Blackhawks have ended their 49 year cup drought with a decisive win over the Flyers in Philadelphia. Read moreRead more


NHL Stanley Cup Final Game 3 Commentary

So we do have a series.  The Stanley Cup final shifted back to Philadelphia for game 3.  The Flyers came home down 2 – 0 in a series where it could easily be 1 – 1 or 2 – 0 for the Flyers.  Both of the first two games in Chicago were won by a single goal.  Game three was no different. Read moreRead more


NHL Stanley Cup Final Game 1 Commentary

So we’ve come down to the final two teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs.  28 teams are done for the season, golfing, vacationing and watching the Philadelphia Flyers and the Chicago Blackhawks square off for hockey’s holy grail.  Read moreRead more