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NHL Lockout Discussion

I am a huge hockey fan. Growing up in Toronto, when it comes to sports, the Toronto Maple Leafs are the number one show in town. Whether they are good or not, the Leafs always manage to sell out. There are waiting lists for seasons tickets, and the scalpers make a fortune selling tickets on game days. The Leafs suck, but they are the most profitable team in the NHL. With the lockout in full effect, what am I supposed to focus on this winter? Read moreRead more


2012 NHL Playoffs Predictions: First Round Western Conference

The NHL’s Eastern Conference is always the easier conference to predict. The teams at the bottom are generally much weaker than those at the top. The West is the epitome of parity. The LA Kings, the 8th seed in the west, were the third seed in the West up until the last week of the season. The difference between the 11th place team in the conference and the 6th place team in the conference was marginal. This will be tough, but here are my predictions for the West. Read moreRead more


2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions: First Round Eastern Conference

Its time for my annual Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round Predictions. Now that the pretenders have packed their bags for the off season and are preparing for their tee times, the real contenders get to face off in the toughest tournament in professional sports. The NHL playoffs are a long grind, where the winner is usually the team with the least amount of injuries and the most stars left standing after the first couple of rounds. Without further ado, here are my picks for round one. Read moreRead more


What is Wrong With The Toronto Maple Leafs?

Months back, I wrote an article begging Brian Burke not to re sign Ron Wilson until the team actually took a step forward under his tutelage and made the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You can view that article here I wasn’t delusional. I didn’t say “wait for them to WIN the Cup”, I only asked that they’d qualify for the playoffs for the first time in a team record seven years. Don’t mistake me for a hater. I am a Toronto boy, I am a Leafs fan. All I want is to have a team to cheer for, to have pride in, and that will have some success. The Leafs haven’t had any success in years. They haven’t qualified for the playoffs. They haven’t drafted any up and coming superstars. Their mediocrity has begun to swallow Leafs nation whole. The Air Canada Center is always full of Leaf fans. Constant sell outs, and now the die hard fans who empty their wallets on over priced tickets are finally losing faith in their club, and there is good reason for it. Read moreRead more


Leafs Should Trade for Staal

Ever since Brian Burke took over the Toronto Maple Leafs, he has always lacked one thing. He traded for his top pair big defense man, Dion Phaneuf. He traded for his top line sniper, Phil Kessel. He thinks he has a franchise goalie in James Reimer. However, he is still missing the vital piece that any Stanley Cup contender has. The undisputed top line center. If you look at the most successful teams in the NHL today, what do they all have in common? Read moreRead more


Why the Toronto Maple Leafs Should Sign Randy Carlyle

Many people in the Toronto media are wondering what Brian Burke will do next. Will he give Ron Wilson a contract extension before the Christmas holidays? Will he wait to see if Wilson can finally lead the Leafs to the playoffs after a record seven year drought? I for one would not give Wilson an extension until the end of this season. If the Leafs finish very strong, resign him. If they begin to falter, fire Wilson immediately and bring in a man with a proven track record. Randy Carlyle. Read moreRead more


Toronto Maple Leafs 2011 – 2012 Season Preview

It is that time again folks. The 2011 – 2012 National Hockey League season is roughly a month away, so lets try and figure out where the beloved Toronto Maple Leafs stand going into the season. Most experts have pinned the entire hopes of Leafs nation on one man’s back. That man is none other than Optimus Reim, the Reiminator, aka James Reimer. Reimer came seemingly out of nowhere last season to take the starting goaltender’s job and run away with it. He finished the season with 20 wins in a mere 37 games. No small task considering how bad the other Leafs goaltenders were. Jonas Gustavsson was mediocre at best, and J.S. Giguere was a slip and fall away from retirement. The Leafs were looking for a saviour and Reimer was the man. The question is, was it all him? More importantly, can he do it again? Read moreRead more


Brad Richards Signs with the New York Rangers

The most coveted free agent on the market, Brad Richards, finally made his decision this past Saturday. Richards decided to sign with the New York Rangers for a nine year deal worth $60 million dollars. Some teams came down to Toronto to make presentations to Brad Richards while others sent there offers in to his agent and hoped for the best. It wasn’t a big surprise that Richards decided to sign with the Rangers. Take a look who is currently coaching the Rangers, John Tortorella, and you can recall that the two have had great success together from their days in Tampa. Richards must have felt that by reuniting with his old coach, he could join a talented young team and take the Rangers to the next level. Read moreRead more


Leafs Make Splash in Free Agency and Sign Tim Connolly

Leafs fans have been waiting and wondering when the Leafs would finally make a splash into the free agent market and sign a player that could help the Leafs out.  Yesterday afternoon after the Leafs found out that Brad Richards signed with the New York Rangers, so they focused their attention on center Tim Connolly of the Buffalo Sabres. The Leafs offered him a two year deal worth $9.5 million dollars, which comes out to $5.5 million in the first year and then $4 million in the second year of the deal. Read moreRead more


Toronto Maple Leafs Off Season Moves

Many critics of the Toronto Maple Leafs would have you believe that the team has not progressed at all since the lockout. The Leafs streak of playoff free seasons is now up to 7 and without significant moves on the horizon, I wouldn’t be shocked to see it reach 8. However, for the first time in a long time, the long term outlook for the Leafs can actually be characterized as positive. Brian Burke has definitely made some questionable moves (the Komisarek signing, the Kessel trade to name a few) but he has also made some positive moves to strengthen the future of the franchise. Read moreRead more