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Boxer Robert Guerrero’s inspirational story about him juggling boxing and helping his wife battle threw leukemia!!

Robert Guerrero who is a 27 years old boxer who fights in the featherweight and super featherweight fights has gone threw a lot in his life. After reading this you will all know what I mean.

In 2006 is when everything changed in Guerrero’s life. Robert won the featherweight title on Sept. 2, 2006 when was 23years old. Guerrero was so excited he was saying that it was his dream to win the title and now he finally did it. He was enjoying every moment he had with it and with his wife Casey.

The first time he had to defend his title it was against Orlando Salido. Guerrero eventually lost the fight but it was later changed to a no contest cause Salido failed his postfight test and tested positive for anabolic steriods. Guerrero was just dissapointed that the title he won was gone now. International Boxing Federation vacated the title so Robert got another shot at it in 2007 in Denmark against Spend Abazi and won the fight and got his title back. Read moreRead more