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The Bulls,Celtics and Knicks all interested in Rudy Fernandez!!

If you all haven’t heard this offseason, Rudy Fernandez has said that he doesn’t wanna play anymore for the Portland Trail Blazers and also has gone as far as saying that he would like to play overseases in Europe.

Fernandez has one year left at $1.25 million left on his contract with a team option for $2.1 million to follow in 2011-12. Fernandez could be a huge steal for a team, if I was out there looking for some scoring off the bench this is your guy to get. He is a very solid shooter all around especially from long distance. In 2008-09 season Fernandez set the NBA rookie record for the most 3 pointers in a season with 159. This past season was a down year for him, he only played in 62 games and averaged 8.1 points per game, 2.6 rebounds, 1 steal a game and averaged 23 minutes a game. Year before that in 08-09 season thats where he averaged 10.5 points per game. Read moreRead more


Monta Ellis happy to stay in Golden State for now!!

After a furious offseason of dealing and signings in the NBA, there have been many rumors of guard Monta Ellis from Golden State being shopped around to many teams. Now it looks like he will be starting the new season with the Warriors for now.

Ellis is one of the best guards in the NBA, last season he averaged career high in points per game with 25.5, 4 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 2.2 steals and averaged 6 free throw attempts a game. He only played in 64 games cause of injury, but he really broke out last season and showed everyone his true talents playing along side Stephen Curry.  Ellis came out before and even said he didnt think it would workout with him and Curry playing along side each other but it worked out well on the court but no victories to show. Warriors struggled last season with a record of 26 wins and 56 losses. Read moreRead more


4 Team NBA Blockbuster deal!!

It has been made official.  There was a 4 team blockbuster deal that has gone down in the NBA today.
The 4 teams that are the New Jersey Nets, Indiana Pacers, New Orleans Hornets and the Houston Rockets. Read moreRead more


Yao Ming To Retire?

Yao Ming, may retire after next season if his foot doesn’t fully heal, which has bothered him for a while. Early on in his career, he was really healthy actually playing two full seasons, and just missing two games in his 3rd season  in the league.

If healthy, he can put up big numbers and has averaged 25 pointers per game in his career before, and I think he could be around those numbers again, but it’s all up to his lingering foot injury. Read moreRead more


No teams interested in signing Shaquille O’Neal?

One of the best centers of all-time Shaquille O’Neal is jobless so far and people are starting to wonder will any teams sign him now.  He’s currently seventh in all time scoring, has four championships, an MVP and 15 All-Star appearances.  That is an amazing career resume to have but now Shaq is 38 years old and not as great as before. He can still provide some low post scoring and also is a good passer out of the post but other then that on defense he is really slow and also his free throw shooting is another problem.

Shaq is reportedly asking for the mid level expection which is around $5 million and wants starting minutes. I dont know many teams out there that are willing to give him the mid level expection and on top of that give him starting minutes. Shaq needs to lower his demands even if he plays for veterans minimum which is $1.35 million he should take it. He has allready made millions over his career.  There were reports saying that Atlanta was the only team really interested in Shaq to sign him but now it looks like Atlanta is looking to sign Josh Powell. Read moreRead more


Chris Paul May end up in New York or Los Angeles. But can that beat the Miami Heat??

First off, the Lakers are better than the Knicks without any doubt. The Lakers have a better shooting guard, power forward, small forward and center. The problem with the Lakers right now is that they have an aging point guard Derek Fisher who is 35 and is soon turning 36! They need a young, long term point guard that can slash and dash. The New York Knicks however, are in the rebuilding process. They gambled by signing Amare Stoudamire to a max long term contract. Amare has had some big injuries in his career so Mike D’Antonio took him off the USA team because of his injuries in the recent years. Read moreRead more


Toronto Team Woes

Is it just me, or does it really suck to be a Toronto sports fan?  Whether you love hockey, baseball, basketball, football, or soccer, it just plain sucks to be in Toronto.  Look at all of the major professional sports teams we have.  The Leafs, the Raptors, the Jays.  What do they all have in common?  They all stink!  It seems like its been a decade since we’ve had a playoff series, never mind a meaningful one.  The last set of playoffs I can remember was when the Raps lost in the first round to the Magic.  Was anyone really suprised?  None of our teams are built to win it all, and most aren’t even capable of qualifying for the post season. Read moreRead more


Matt Barnes agrees to deal with Lakers!!

Well it was first reported monday that Barnes had signed a 2 year $9million dollar deal with the Raptors, but the Raptors weren’t able to workout a sign and trade deal with the Magic. Magic are not allowed by salary cap rules from starting a sign and trade deal for Barnes at higher than $1.9 million, because Orlando doesn’t have Barnes’ full Bird rights after having him for only one season.

Barnes even went as far as posting on his twitter thanking all the Magic fans and saying he was going to Toronto. Toronto now has lost out on two deals, one being the Barnes deal and also the Bobcats deal which Jordan turned down.

Now he has signed a 2year deal for $3.6million with the Lakers. I guess if you cant beat the Lakers why not join them right. This now gives him a shot at winning a ring cause in Toronto he wouldnt have a shot at winning anything other then earning a higher salary.

Read moreRead more


Is Kid Canada the Best Point Guard in the NBA?

There is no denying his ability, and the way he envisions the court, is truly remarkable. He’ll provide you with 16-18 points a game, and 10+ assists a game easily. The last couple seasons he even reached 11+ assists. Steve has put together 6 straight seasons of shooting 50% or better from the field. He truly makes everyone around him better, and even made some mediocre players look like all-stars out there, so they could cash in on some big deals come free agency time. Nash will play hurt, with a broken nose, cuts all over his face, broken bones, it doesn’t matter, whenever he falls down, he’ll get right back at up. Steve has a hockey mentality it seems when it comes to the roughness of the game, or playing hurt, and many fans appreciate that aspect of his game. Read moreRead more


Chris Paul demanding trade out of New Orleans?

Chris Paul has told the New Orleans Hornets that he wanted this team be a winner and wanted them to bring in some talent. As of right now the Hornets have done absolutely nothing to help Chris Paul. Read moreRead more