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The Blue Jays Will Lose 80 Games

Our last article discussed why all of the newcomers would play key roles in helping the Toronto Blue Jays to win ninety games, and a likely American League East crown. With the Jays now 3 – 6 and stinking up ball parks across North America, let us examine why the Jays are overrated will be a slightly above .500 team. Read moreRead more


The Toronto Blue Jays will Win 90 Games

With the new Major League Baseball Season upon us, there has been a lot of excitement in Toronto surrounding the new look Toronto Blue Jays. The team has been revamped after an extremely disappointing 2012 season. Can the new players stay healthy and on the field long enough to dethrone the Yankees as division champs? Lets analyze why the Jays will win over 90 games and take the AL East crown. Read moreRead more


NHL Lockout Discussion

I am a huge hockey fan. Growing up in Toronto, when it comes to sports, the Toronto Maple Leafs are the number one show in town. Whether they are good or not, the Leafs always manage to sell out. There are waiting lists for seasons tickets, and the scalpers make a fortune selling tickets on game days. The Leafs suck, but they are the most profitable team in the NHL. With the lockout in full effect, what am I supposed to focus on this winter? Read moreRead more


Nissan Canada and the Canadian Football League (CFL) Bring the 100th Grey Cup

The 100-day countdown to the sold out 100th Grey Cup has commenced, and Nissan Canada is proud to once again be the official vehicle partner for the Canadian Football League (CFL); helping drive the teams and fans to its most exciting season yet leading up to the 100th Grey Cup. Nissan’s involvement with the CFL dates back to 2007, and in view of this extraordinary season, Nissan’s support has expanded. As the sponsor for seven CFL teams, Nissan will be supplying the teams with several trucks and SUVs as official team vehicles, and participating in numerous fan-focused events across Canada. Read moreRead more


Dwight Howard Traded to the Lakers: The New Big Three or Four

Dwight Howard used to be one of my favorite NBA Players. Now that Howard has been traded to the Lakers, I don’t like him anymore. When he was the underdog on the Magic, what wasn’t to like? He is the best center on the planet, big, fast, strong, with jaw dropping athleticism for a man of his size. He was the quiet, loyal star who actually wanted to lead the Orlando Magic to victory. He single handedly carried the Magic to the finals a few years ago, and Stan Van Gundy built the team’s system around Howard’s talents. All of that has changed. Howard has demanded another trade from Orlando, less than a year after exercising his option to stay there. He got his wish and the “Big 4″ was born. Read moreRead more


2012 NBA Champions: Lebron James and the Miami Heat, Losers: The NBA & Its Fans

Much to the chagrin of haters everywhere, Lebron James, Chris Bosh and the Miami Heat got their first championship in the “Big 3″ era. I won’t lie, I am a hater. I wanted to see the Heat lose in the finals again, to the upstart Oklahoma City Thunder. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden and co. are the lovable bunch who supposedly built their team the right way – through the draft, through trades, and through a proper rebuild. Read moreRead more


Euro 2012 Group Stage Predictions and Betting

The beautiful game is finally back on an international level. It was a shocking year in the European domestic leagues. Surprising teams like Manchester City and Real Madrid shocked the superpowers like Manchester United and Barcelona to take the Premier League and the La Liga championships. Chelsea stunned Barcelona in the Champions League and beat Bayern Munich to take the title. Everything in the soccer world is upside down right now. Will Euro 2012 international play provide us with as many shocks as the domestic and champions leagues did? Here are my predictions for the Euro 2012 Group Stages. Read moreRead more


2012 NHL Playoffs Predictions: First Round Western Conference

The NHL’s Eastern Conference is always the easier conference to predict. The teams at the bottom are generally much weaker than those at the top. The West is the epitome of parity. The LA Kings, the 8th seed in the west, were the third seed in the West up until the last week of the season. The difference between the 11th place team in the conference and the 6th place team in the conference was marginal. This will be tough, but here are my predictions for the West. Read moreRead more


2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs Predictions: First Round Eastern Conference

Its time for my annual Stanley Cup Playoffs First Round Predictions. Now that the pretenders have packed their bags for the off season and are preparing for their tee times, the real contenders get to face off in the toughest tournament in professional sports. The NHL playoffs are a long grind, where the winner is usually the team with the least amount of injuries and the most stars left standing after the first couple of rounds. Without further ado, here are my picks for round one. Read moreRead more


Brock Lesnar Returns to WWE: Lesnar vs Cena

Months ago, Brock Lesnar announced his retirement from Mixed Martial Arts. Brock Lesnar has finally returned to WWE. I wrote an article predicting that he’d inevitably return to the WWE and sign with Vince McMahon. You can view that article HERE The MMA and WWE worlds are a buzz right now with tweets and Facebook chatter regarding Brock Lesnar’s future. He has finally shown his hand and appeared on last night’s Monday night RAW, starting a new feud with none other than John Cena! Read moreRead more