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Cigarette Butt Litter Prevention Act

A new act proposed by Brant Liberal MPP Dave Levac, would have smokers paying upwards of $3000 to toss a cigarette on the ground. A City of Toronto bylaw already exists which fines individuals $365 for littering.  According to reports, around 4.5 trillion cigarettes are found on the ground every year worldwide, leading to chemicals into waterways and creating hazards for wildlife.  This proposed act, has only gone through its first reading and will not be talked upon until atleast next year. Read moreRead more


Equality – is it too much?

Existing in an ever growing modern society for a disabled person is hard; there are many challenges that have to be faced every single day. Their disability becomes a hindrance in finding quality work, even living life day to day without placing themselves in dangerous situations. Is it hard for disabled people to properly function in society solely because of their disability or are just the able bodied members of that society not paying enough attention to the fact that disabled people need to be put in positions where they feel like they are a part of a larger community? Businesses, organizations and some individuals lack the care needed to help disabled people feel part of a society. Disabled persons are willing and waiting to leave their mark, and make a contribution in the direction of progress in spite of their disabilities, all they need is a chance to do so. Read moreRead more


Oil and Water Don’t Mix

It’s been 97 days since a wellhead blew out on BP Oil Rig Deepwater Horizon. As a solution may finally be in sight, and BP posts 2nd quarter profits (yes, profits), BP CEO Tony Hayward is looking to step down and leave the company.

Who’ll take his place? Bob Dudley, the man in charge of the cleanup operation.

Let’s review just two days of this crazy story. Read moreRead more


International Law: The Existence of “Enemy Combatants”

The following is a paper on the existence of the classification “enemy combatant”. It analyzes the ramifications on an individual once they are classified an enemy combatant, and the international laws that pertain to the classification.  Please note that references are available upon request, and this paper does not necessarily reflect the view of U Be The Read moreRead more


GUILTY!!! Commentary on Recent Developments in Israel

When did self defense become a crime?  If a person were to hit you with steel bars or stab you with a knife, would you not retaliate to the full extent of your capabilities?  If an organization that calls for the destruction of your country sends rockets into your country and threatens the safety of your citizens, would you not react? Read moreRead more