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Playstation MOVE is Coming to town!

On Saturday, August 14, Sony Computer Entertainment Canada (PlayStation Canada) will be offering consumers the chance to demo the PlayStation Move, the most precise, ultra-sensory motion experience on the market.

It officially launches September 17, dedicated PlayStation field representatives will be on site at over 30 Best Buy stores across Canada from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., giving consumers an opportunity to demo “the Move” before it hits retail shelves this fall. For a list of Best Buy store locations please see below.

The PlayStation®Move uses advanced motion sensors and the PlayStation®Eye USB camera to track your every movement and replicate that movement on screen. With an unmatched level of precise 1:1 motion control, it will allow consumers to play games unlike ever before. Read moreRead more


Movie Review: Dinner for Schmucks

A comedy based on a Francis Veber play Le dîner de cons, is about Tim, played by Paul Rudd, a financial executive who gets an opportunity to move forward in his career if he attends a dinner for idiots. The rule is that with him he has to bring an unusual character (an idiot) to showcase at the dinner at the end of which the “best” idiot wins. The action begins when Tim nearly hits Barry (played by Steve Carell) with his car as Barry runs in front of it to save a dead mouse. After learning that Barry uses dead mice in his dioramas (on various subjects) Tim realizes that he would be the perfect person for the dinner. Read moreRead more


Movie Review:The Other Guys

This past friday I went with my brother to the movies to see the new movie with Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell called the Other Guys.
It was a really funny movie not as good as Will Ferrells other movies he has done but still the movie was good overall. Movie was directed by Adam McKay. Read moreRead more


World Rock Symphony Orchestra: Review

I recently saw the World Rock Symphony Orchestra at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls.  I had great seats which were about 10 rows from the stage.  At first I didn’t know what to expect.  The show began with the entire orchestra walking into the theatre from the very same entrance we did.  They clapped as they walked on to the stage.  I have never seen a rock show featuring violins, celos, and other predominantly classical instruments.  I was in for a suprise. Read moreRead more



As a packed house settles into a downtown Toronto concert venue, the lights dim, the DJ hits the track, a hard chord is struck, and for the next hour the crowd becomes part of a show that is one like no other. As the axe master shreds and the beats bang, a gang of masked clad face painted psychos spit out hardcore explicit lyrics, while Semi-nude dancers fire Jagermeister out of super soakers and the devil himself determines who gets hit. Read moreRead more


Black Eyed Peas: Live at the ACC Commentary

I recently saw the Black Eyed Peas perform live at the Air Canada Center.  I didn’t know what to expect.  I’ve heard their music before, it is a unique combination of hip hop, rap, pop, with some dance and jazz mixed in.  I was somewhat excited to go, as I’ve heard they put on quite a show.  A lot of singers these days lip sync in their shows.  The Black Eyed Peas definitely did not lip sync.  They all seem to have tremendous voices and stage presences. Read moreRead more


Movie Review: Inception

Last night I saw the movie Inception, and I think Christopher Nolan did an excellent job in creating a sci-fi action thriller.

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a skilled thief, stealing valuable secrets from deep within the subconscious during the dream state when the mind is at its most vulnerable. In doing so, Cobb has lost everything that he has ever loved, and must take one final job to return to home, and try and live the life he had before.

Dom Cobb has to put a team together, not to steal an idea which they are experts at, but instead to plant one. They go on a pretty crazy ride to try and obtain their goal, and meet some enemies along the way that only Cobb could truly see. Read moreRead more


Batman 3: Who Will Play The Riddler?

Batman is due to begin filming next year, and is set for release July 2012, but the movie is already generating a lot of buzz as to who will play The Riddler. Joseph Gordon- Levitt is definitely interested in the role, and some people believe he’s already accepted the role in the upcoming movie. Levitt has also just starred in Christopher Nolan’s new movie Inception, which is getting a lot of good reviews from the fans.

We know for sure, that the villian of the movie will be The Riddler, as the rumour mill is running rampant as who really will take this role eventually. Robin Williams has expressed interest, but Joseph kind of does look like The Riddler. Read moreRead more


The Book of Eli (2010) Review

There have been many movies released about post apocalyptic Earth.  Some, like the Terminator, have been good.  Others, like the Road, haven’t been as good.  It is hard to provide a comprehensive background of the apocalyptic event, combined with an entertaining movie, and not make the run time way too long.  The Book of Eli, while not being one of the best post apocalypse movies to date, does many things well. Read moreRead more


Grown Ups (2010) Review

I recently saw the movie “Grown Ups”.  When I saw the ads, I was excited and thought it had plenty of potential.  I’ve enjoyed movies from all of the stars in it.  Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company was responsible for it, having previously done movies I’ve enjoyed like Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. Read moreRead more