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Smart TVs Can Be Hacked! Is Your Smart TV Safe?

Samsung’s Smart TV has a vulnerability which allows remote attackers to swipe data, according to security researchers. A Security start-up claims to have discovered a massive vulnerability affecting Smart TV, in particularly a Samsung TV LED 3D. Read moreRead more


iPad 2 Preview

Steve Jobs recently came back from his sick leave to discuss the launch of Apple’s new iPad 2, a minor update to Apple’s tablet device. The original iPad has done very well all across the world, but with many competitors releasing their own tablet alternatives, Apple had to step their game up. In all honesty, there were no major surprises at all. The iPad goes from being a large iPhone 3GS to a large iPhone 4. All of the features, specs, accessories, and applications were all previously discussed by many different rumor sites and other sources. Read moreRead more


The Screen of the Future: Flexible Paper Thin Screens

How practical is paper? It contains information, and can be bent, rolled, and stuffed into a pocket. It is practical, convenient, and has paved the way for publications, like books newspapers and other forms of media. Since the invention of the screen, researchers have been thinking of ways to make a screen that works like paper. It would have the functionality of a TV or a computer screen, but be thin like paper, and able to bend, fold and be flexible enough to store in a pocket. Read moreRead more


The Tokyo Game Show: Sony Demos 3D Gaming & Playstation Move

Sony recently set up an exhibit in Tokyo at the “Tokyo Game Show” which opened on Thursday.  Sony’s exhibit demonstrated 3D gaming as well as it’s newly launched motion sensor controller, the Playstation Move.  Sony also demonstrated some of their upcoming highly anticipated games.  Fans were awed by the driving sim Gran Tourismo 5, and the first person shooter Killzone 3.  Gamers at the show lined up in droves to test out the demos. Read moreRead more


3D Television, Gaming and Movies: A Consumer’s Perspective

When it comes to the newest TV technology, 3DTV, there are many challenges which exist for manufacturers and program developers. Consumers have complained about the inconvenience of wearing 3D glasses, and the high costs associated with the glasses and the TV sets. However, regardless of these hurdles, 3DTV seems to be the way of the future, and there is big interest in the technology among video gamers and heavy moviegoers. Read moreRead more


Playstation 3 To Get 3D Blu-ray playback!

At a press event held yesterday, Sony CEO Howard Stringer announced that the software update that grants the PS3 with 3D Blu-ray playback capabilities  is being pushed back from September to October.  Stringer also announced that there would be 3D bundles including Alice in Wonderland 3D and Michael Jackson’s This Is It: 3D Enhanced Edition. The Green Hornet and Spiderman 3D titles are also due to come out on 3D sometime in the next year, after their theatrical releases. Read moreRead more


Toshiba to Offer Glasses Free 3D TV!

Toshiba is planning to release the first 3D Television that doesn’t require viewers to wear those tedious 3D glasses to receive the full 3D effect. The TV is supposedly going to be released in three different sizes and will be released in time for this year’s holiday season. (HINT HINT!) Unfortunately, prices have not yet been set, but will likely be similar to high end televisions and be several thousand dollars each. Read moreRead more