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Bluetooth Headset Review: Fusar AV4000

I was recently provided with a Fusar AV4000 Bluetooth headset to review from the friendly folks at Fusar Technology. The company is Toronto based and offers a range of techie gadgets. From cell phones to other wireless technology, they seem to have everything you need for mobile technology on the go. I didn’t know what to expect from the Fusar AV4000. When it comes to gadgets I prefer to stick with brand names. Motorola makes a decent bluetooth headset, and I’ve only heard great things about the Jawbone. Well I am happy to say that the AV4000 is a great piece of technology. Read moreRead more


Apple Macbook Pro Hard Drive Upgrade

The big dilemma for all of us Macbook Pro users out there with older machines is usually the size of the hard drive.  One can opt for going into their neighbourhood Apple store and have them install an “APPLE APPOVED” hard drive, or if you are adventurous do it yourself.  Unlike other computers where there is a removable tray that slides out the Macbook Pro’s hard drive is hidden underneath the back cover.  My test unit is a 2009 model 13″ Macbook Pro that has 10 tiny screws.  There are 3 13.5 mm Philips screws and 7 3.0mm. Philips screws.  Just go to your local hardware store and pickup a tiny Philips screw driver and you are ready to start. Read moreRead more


Hot Shots Tennis: Get a Grip (PSP) Review

PlayStation Portable (PSP) has always been about fun on the go. You can bring it anywhere with you, it fits in your pocket, and you have access to a ton of awesome games. After all of the big tennis matches in Toronto ended this week, I was craving a good tennis match. My prayers have been answered. I recently received Sony’s newest tennis title, Hot Shots Tennis GET A GRIP! The fun begins when you see the cover. It features a couple of anime characters having a blast on the tennis court. I’ve never played a Hot Shots game before, but from what I hear, they are all about the game play, style and unlockable content. This game truly has it all.  It is a casual take on an old classic, the great game of tennis. Read moreRead more


New Playstation 3 Packages and Bundles Coming Out!

New models include a 320GB PS3Featured in the PS3™ Sports Champions™ Move Bundle and a 160GB model PS3 Core SKU; Consumers Will Have 1/3 More Hard Drive Space to Store Games and Digital Content from PlayStation®Network

FOSTER CITY, Calif., August 17, 2010 – Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. (SCEA) today announced that the PlayStation®3 (PS3™) system will be offered in North America with 160GB or 320GB Hard Disk Drives (HDD), offering more capacity to download games and entertainment content from PlayStation®Network along with personal digital content, such as music, photos, and videos. The new models will continue to offer the same advanced features and functions of the current models, but with approximately 33 percent more capacity and at compelling price points. This increased HDD space addresses the growing demand for the digital content offered on PlayStation®Network, where more than 1 billion pieces of content have been downloaded as of July 2010. Read moreRead more


Running Android 2.2 Froyo on HTC HD2

This is surely something that is going to amaze the non-techie crowd out there.  HTC’s HD2 cellphone has brought huge success to T-Mobile in the U.S. due to its tremendous Hardware specifications.  The Huge 4.3 LCD Brilliant Screen certainly puts the new Iphone 4 on notice that everything “Apple” is not always the greatest.  The HD2 also packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1Ghz Processor which gives this phone a lot of horsepower under the hood.  The ability to change the battery, but more importantly to add memory via a Micro SD card certainly gives this unit a huge leg up on the Iphone.   HOWEVER, the most incredible thing about this device is that the Amazing developers over at XDA-DEVELOPERS.COM  have created a version of Android 2.2 Froyo which will run on the HTC HD2 unmodified.
Yes all you hacker wannabees can just download the latest Darkstone Froyo W HTC Sense from the XDA-Developers website.  Just unzip it into a directory named Android, copy it to your Micro SD Card in the Root of the Main directory, click inside the Android directory on a file called CLRCAD, and then on one called HARET and within seconds you will start loading code.  Lines and lines of programming code will flash across your screen and within one to two minutes you will see an Android on your screen. Read moreRead more


Playstation MOVE is Coming to town!

On Saturday, August 14, Sony Computer Entertainment Canada (PlayStation Canada) will be offering consumers the chance to demo the PlayStation Move, the most precise, ultra-sensory motion experience on the market.

It officially launches September 17, dedicated PlayStation field representatives will be on site at over 30 Best Buy stores across Canada from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., giving consumers an opportunity to demo “the Move” before it hits retail shelves this fall. For a list of Best Buy store locations please see below.

The PlayStation®Move uses advanced motion sensors and the PlayStation®Eye USB camera to track your every movement and replicate that movement on screen. With an unmatched level of precise 1:1 motion control, it will allow consumers to play games unlike ever before. Read moreRead more


How Research In Motion Lost the Smartphone Battle All By Itself

Over 10 years ago, a little Canadian company called Research In Motion released a device so advanced,  it set the stage for the mobile office and the forthcoming smartphone era. A phone with email capabilities and security for the enterprise was a game changer. Businesses realized that with this device, the office became truly portable. Everyone became addicted, giving the Blackberry device the nickname Crackberry. RIM sold millions of these things. Every quarter the company would grow and grow and grow, selling more than 11million units this past quarter.

But while RIM was enjoying brisk sales of its Blackberry device, it had secretly awoken two sleeping giants.

Enter Google and Apple.

Google and Apple both entered the mobile space with different game plans. Google needs eyeballs for its ad platforms, so it created an OS called Android and gave it away for free to any mobile handset company that wanted a modern OS. Apple on the other hand, decided to create a closed system, called iOS, that it controls in order to ensure a great user experience. Both of these operating systems are extremely advanced, allowing users to have a rich, user experience and they have both pioneered the app era. Read moreRead more


Iphone 4….Do you really want one??

Well its not surprising that Steve and the Cupertino kids have outdone themselves with the New Iphone 4.  The phone itself is a style departure from the previous three iterations of the Iphone (Iphone, Iphone 3, Iphone 3Gs) and it also houses some very different hardware under the hood.  The question that everyone is asking now is simply…..Is that enough?? Read moreRead more


The “i” Phenomenon

Its that time of year again and everyone is caught up in “I” frenzy.  What is “I” Frenzy??  Well its anything that usually has the letter “I” before it……..Still can’t guess???? By now you should have heard about the latest introduction to the iPhone family…The iPhone 4.  Despite all the press leaks and speculation about what it would look like and what it has purring under its hood, the iPhone 4 has taken the mobile world by storm……again!!! Read moreRead more


Google Android 2.1

For those of you out there that have Smartphones there are many operating systems that run our cellphone hardware. Although we all like to have the sleekest coolest looking phone the underlying performance is also heavily dictated by the Operating System onboard. Read moreRead more