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Otterbox Defender for BlackBerry PlayBook Review

I am always on the go. As a business professional, I am traveling non stop. When I am traveling for business, I like to bring work with me, so I bring my BlackBerry Playbook along. The PlayBook is built quite well, but I am always worried about scratching the screen, or dropping the unit. I needed a really strong case to protect it from the bumps and bruises associated with frequent travel, so I went out and got the Otterbox Defender for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Otterboxes are known as some of the toughest cases around, here are my thoughts on the Otterbox Defender for the BlackBerry Playbook. Read moreRead more


HTC Flyer Google Android Gingerbread Tablet

This reviewer can barely contain his excitement. Just this morning Fedex delivered the long awaited (Since CES January 2011) HTC Flyer Google Android Gingerbread Tablet.
I could barely wait to open the box and get my hands on what is one of the first 1.5Ghz Android Tablets on the market. The first thing you notice when you pick up the tablet is its comfortable weight (14.8 ounces) and the way it fits so nicely in your hand. One could almost call it a larger cousin of the HTC Inspire or the Desire HD. The aesthetics of the design are identical to some of the flagship Smartphones in the HTC lineup. However what is most suprising is how nicely the device fits into your hand. The solid aluminium unibody construction with solid plastic caps on the top and bottom back add an extra grip. This is one fabulous device!!! Considering that we have not even fired up the device yet that is a bold statement but not lost on the millions of satisfied users of HTC products worldwide. These people listen to their customers and its evident in their products. Read moreRead more


D-Link DCS 930L Wireless Network Camera Review

Many people typically over spend in their search for home security. High tech, sophisticated alarm systems, with cameras, sirens, and the ability to contact the authorities are typically over priced, and feature monthly costs, set up fees, and costly regular maintenance. It all adds up to become an expensive and often unnecessary security option for most property owners. If you are a person who wants video surveillance home or office security and the ability to remotely monitor your property from afar, D-Link has a cost efficient and easily set up option for you. Its called the DCS 930L. Read moreRead more


Hewlett Packard’s Answer to the iPad: The TouchSmart 9300 Elite

Hewlett Packard (HP), the largest maker of Personal Computers in the world has created a massive touch screen computer for desk tops. The TouchSmart 9300 Elite can functionally tilt back at various angles to become flush with the desk it rests upon, like a 23 inch tablet computer!  This new PC was designed to help HP retain its share of the PC market and to prevent Apple’s iPad and other tablets from stealing their customer base. Read moreRead more


Apple’s New MacBook Air

Steve Jobs has announced Apple’s new MacBook Air.  He held a press event yesterday called “Back to the Mac” where he discussed several new products and features.  There was discussion of a new Mac software, the ability to use facetime from your iPhone to a computer, and the piece de resistance, the new MacBook Air. Read moreRead more


The Screen of the Future: Flexible Paper Thin Screens

How practical is paper? It contains information, and can be bent, rolled, and stuffed into a pocket. It is practical, convenient, and has paved the way for publications, like books newspapers and other forms of media. Since the invention of the screen, researchers have been thinking of ways to make a screen that works like paper. It would have the functionality of a TV or a computer screen, but be thin like paper, and able to bend, fold and be flexible enough to store in a pocket. Read moreRead more


BlackBerry Creator RIM Releases Playbook Tablet to Compete with iPad

Research In Motion. the company who makes Blackberry, has unveiled a tablet as well as a new operating system that will run on it. The unveiling has occured this week as expected. Insiders had labeled the tablet the “blackpad”, but it has been called the “playbook”. It is set to be released in the fourth quarter of 2010. The tablet has a 7 inch touch screen and several cameras. Read moreRead more


Android Update

That little Robot is catching up FASTTTTTTT!!!!! According to an article in Computerworld, the Gartner Group predicts that Android will surpass both Blackberry and the iPhones iOS4 in total units shipped Worldwide. Its interesting to note how the Google operating system is not limited to one hardware vendors sales as the Apple Iphone is. Multiple vendors are producing Smartphones which run Android from the likes of HTC, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG. Read moreRead more


Android versus Ipad

The Tablet wars are starting to heat up!! While Steve Jobs Apple has more or less created a new category with its highly successful Ipad, other Electronics Giants are jumping into the fray. In recent days both Toshiba and Samsung have announced the introduction of their own Android powered Tablets which will tap into the 50,000+ library of available applications on the Android Market. The PMP giant Archos has also introduced a wave of Android tablets ranging from 3.2″ to 7″ which are literally Ipod Touch to Ipad sized competitors. Read moreRead more


Samsung & Toshiba Launching Tablets Cheaper than iPad!

Samsung and Toshiba both unveiled tablets in Berlin yesterday.  Their goal is to provide legitimate competition to Apple’s iPad, and steal a market share by providing quality alternatives at better prices.   Toshiba’s Folio 100 is set to cost about $511 (US), which undercuts the iPad.  Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, along with the Folio, are set to launch in Europe next month.  The Tab’s prices are yet to be determined. Read moreRead more