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Krusell iPhone 4(s) Orbit Flex Case

Swedish mobile phone case company Krusell has been designing and manufacturing for some 20 years now.  This reviewer recently had the pleasure of reviewing one of their custom Orbit Flex Iphone 4 cases. Krusell prides itself on using the highest quality leather and the most innovative designs in their cases while employing their unique Multidapt fastener.  Multidapt is a patented clip on mechanism that allows the user to detach the phone in its case from the specially designed belt clip. Read moreRead more


Veho Gumball 3000 Foldable Wireless Headphones

Most electronic companies offer a high end set of head phones these days.  Very few companies have been able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition.  Beats by Dr. Dre seem to be popular, but who has over $300.00 to spend on a set of head phones that eat batteries all day and plug into your device?  That is so 1999.  Veho offers a unique entry into the market which offers many positives for purchasers. Read moreRead more


Veho Pebble Portable Battery Pack Charger Review

The nature of my job is such that I am always on the move.  Whether I am flying, on the train, in the car or on the bus, I am always travelling.  Nothing makes the time fly by during travel better than using a personal media device.  Whether its a Play Station Portable, an iPad, iPod, iPhone, or even a miniature DVD player, these various devices always keep me busy and make the travel time fly by.  However, when I am on a long journey, without access to a power outlet my issue is that many of these devices only last for a couple of hours.  That just isn’t long enough.  The folks at Veho have come up with a solution to my problem.  The Veho XT Pebble Portable Battery Pack Charger can store enough power to fully recharge most electronic devices up to four times. Read moreRead more


XBOX 360 Kinect Support for Netflix

Starting today, Kinect support for Netflix now allows consumers to instantly watch TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix with just the wave of their hand and sound of their voice. As the first console to launch streaming from Netflix in 2008 and the only device that lets you share your favourite movies and TV shows with up to seven friends in a Movie Party, Xbox is now the only place to enjoy thousands of TV shows and movies streaming from Netflix controller-free on the biggest screen in your home. Read moreRead more


D-Link DCS 930L Wireless Network Camera Review

Many people typically over spend in their search for home security. High tech, sophisticated alarm systems, with cameras, sirens, and the ability to contact the authorities are typically over priced, and feature monthly costs, set up fees, and costly regular maintenance. It all adds up to become an expensive and often unnecessary security option for most property owners. If you are a person who wants video surveillance home or office security and the ability to remotely monitor your property from afar, D-Link has a cost efficient and easily set up option for you. Its called the DCS 930L. Read moreRead more


OtterBox Commuter for iPhone 4 Review

When it comes to the market for cell phone cases, you have two options. You can go for something fashionable, which will make your phone look fantastic and provide minimal protection, or you can go for something that provides extreme protection, but is often bulky and ugly. Otterbox is one of the few companies that manages to bridge that gap. They are best known for their solid protection oriented case, the Defender. The Defender provides maximum iPhone 4 protection, but at times can be bulky. OtterBox knows that its not for everyone, and thus has successfully bridged the gap with their Commuter Series. The Commuter provides the same high standard of protection as the defender, but in a more stylish and slimmed down package. Read moreRead more


Veho 360 Mini Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review

Do you enjoy music on the go? Are you the kind of person who has no room on your desk for a speaker system? If you are looking for a space saving, high quality speaker system, then Veho has the ultimate product for you. It is called the Veho 360. The Veho 360 is a tiny speaker that measures 4 centimeters in diameter and is only 5 centimeters tall. The entire speaker weighs in at a mere 70 grams! For such a small piece of hardware, the speaker manages to fill a medium sized room with clear sound for its users to enjoy. Read moreRead more


iPad 2 Preview

Steve Jobs recently came back from his sick leave to discuss the launch of Apple’s new iPad 2, a minor update to Apple’s tablet device. The original iPad has done very well all across the world, but with many competitors releasing their own tablet alternatives, Apple had to step their game up. In all honesty, there were no major surprises at all. The iPad goes from being a large iPhone 3GS to a large iPhone 4. All of the features, specs, accessories, and applications were all previously discussed by many different rumor sites and other sources. Read moreRead more


Speck Candyshell Flip for iPhone 4 Review

U Be the Critic recently attended the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The show had some big attractions, including giant 3D televisions, flying robots you can control from your cell phone, and tons of new tablets due to be launched this year.  The one thing that really surprised me was the amount of companies creating cases and accessories for the iPhone and iPad.  There was so much selection, but few quality offerings.  One of the companies that stood out from the pack was speck.  If you have been to an Apple store, you’ve seen their products.  The Apple store generally only carries high quality 3rd party accessories for their products, and speck definitely meets Apple’s standards.  Speck offers cases for the iphone and ipad, laptop bags, and many other accessories for various electronics.  Today we are reviewing their Candyshell Flip case for the iPhone 4. Read moreRead more


BudFits, CordFits, & CordShrink Giveaway Courtesy of Innovelis!

Are you tired of having your iPod’s ear buds fall out of your ears? Do you hate having that extra slack from your headphones dangling all over the place and getting in your way? Do you have a hard time finding a good place to hold your new iPod nano G6? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the folks at INNOVELIS have the answer for you. Read moreRead more