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Smart TVs Can Be Hacked! Is Your Smart TV Safe?

Samsung’s Smart TV has a vulnerability which allows remote attackers to swipe data, according to security researchers. A Security start-up claims to have discovered a massive vulnerability affecting Smart TV, in particularly a Samsung TV LED 3D. Read moreRead more


Otterbox Defender for BlackBerry PlayBook Review

I am always on the go. As a business professional, I am traveling non stop. When I am traveling for business, I like to bring work with me, so I bring my BlackBerry Playbook along. The PlayBook is built quite well, but I am always worried about scratching the screen, or dropping the unit. I needed a really strong case to protect it from the bumps and bruises associated with frequent travel, so I went out and got the Otterbox Defender for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Otterboxes are known as some of the toughest cases around, here are my thoughts on the Otterbox Defender for the BlackBerry Playbook. Read moreRead more


Veho Muvi Atom Review

I have long been a fan of innovative and well designed gadgets.  The Veho Muvi Atom brings a level of design and quality that is rarely seen from Tier One Manufacturers let alone a company that this author heard about only recently.  The Veho Muvi Atom is a Micro Miniature Video Recorder that has no screen but allows one to take both videos and snapshots as well as be used as a miniature sound recorder. Read moreRead more


Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone Case

Nissan today announced the latest piece of must-have kit for the iPhone* – a ground-breaking self-healing iPhone case. The Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case features the brand’s pioneering self-healing paint finish, a world first in paint technology developed in 2005. Now this ground-breaking technology has been applied to a product that’s prone to scratches through everyday use – the smartphone – with Nissan’s new Scratch Shield case meaning iPhone-lovers can keep their phone looking at its best for longer. Read moreRead more


Krusell iPhone 4(s) Orbit Flex Case

Swedish mobile phone case company Krusell has been designing and manufacturing for some 20 years now.  This reviewer recently had the pleasure of reviewing one of their custom Orbit Flex Iphone 4 cases. Krusell prides itself on using the highest quality leather and the most innovative designs in their cases while employing their unique Multidapt fastener.  Multidapt is a patented clip on mechanism that allows the user to detach the phone in its case from the specially designed belt clip. Read moreRead more


Veho Muvi HD Gumball 3000 Special Edition Review

Veho’s new Muvi HD Gumball 3000 Special Edition might be a mouthful to say but its equally loaded with features and performance. Veho has not only provided us with a miniature High Definition camera but a screen upon which to view the videos as they are being shot and to review with later on. Read moreRead more


Veho Gumball 3000 Foldable Wireless Headphones

Most electronic companies offer a high end set of head phones these days.  Very few companies have been able to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competition.  Beats by Dr. Dre seem to be popular, but who has over $300.00 to spend on a set of head phones that eat batteries all day and plug into your device?  That is so 1999.  Veho offers a unique entry into the market which offers many positives for purchasers. Read moreRead more


Motorola Xoom Android Honeycomb Tablet

My Motorola Xoom Tablet just arrived and I have to say that this is one nicely made product. Motorola has pulled out all the stops in making this tablet extremely solid and a demonstration of the high quality product that they can create. The device itself is slim and has that famous Motorola durability. Unfortunately the trade off you get with the Xoom’s premium aluminum chassis is that it comes with a weight that is best left in a stand or a cradle. Read moreRead more


HTC Flyer Google Android Gingerbread Tablet

This reviewer can barely contain his excitement. Just this morning Fedex delivered the long awaited (Since CES January 2011) HTC Flyer Google Android Gingerbread Tablet.
I could barely wait to open the box and get my hands on what is one of the first 1.5Ghz Android Tablets on the market. The first thing you notice when you pick up the tablet is its comfortable weight (14.8 ounces) and the way it fits so nicely in your hand. One could almost call it a larger cousin of the HTC Inspire or the Desire HD. The aesthetics of the design are identical to some of the flagship Smartphones in the HTC lineup. However what is most suprising is how nicely the device fits into your hand. The solid aluminium unibody construction with solid plastic caps on the top and bottom back add an extra grip. This is one fabulous device!!! Considering that we have not even fired up the device yet that is a bold statement but not lost on the millions of satisfied users of HTC products worldwide. These people listen to their customers and its evident in their products. Read moreRead more


Sensoglove: Your Own Personal Golf Trainer

Sensosolutions, a leading provider of innovative IT systems for sports analysis, motion and performance measurement, announced today it has partnered with 20 golf schools and PGA professional instructors world-wide to use SensoGlove, the world’s first digital golf glove, as a training tool to help correct the dreaded golf club “death grip” for a more accurate and powerful golf swing.  The only digital golf glove available today that gives constant feedback on grip pressure in real-time, SensoGlove can be used with or without a teacher and is an essential tool for all golfers (from beginner to professional) to achieve the correct grip. Read moreRead more