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Benihana Restaurant Review

Benihana is a world famous Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. For those who do not know, Teppanyaki is a method of cooking in which the chef uses a large steel grill to prepare the food in front of your eyes. A friend of mine had never been to a teppanyaki restaurant before, so I thought this was an amazing opportunity, as the Chefs at Benihana are supposedly some of the best around. Read moreRead more


Asian Course Restaurant Review

You think you know Chinese Food?  Well if you do then you certainly won’t think so after you have eaten at Asian Course Pan Asian Bistro in Thornhill. This reviewer is an aficionado of Asian cuisine and after having travelled to China more than 7 times can appreciate authentic Chinese Food. Read moreRead more


McDonalds New Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

McDonalds has added a new breakfast sandwich to their breakfast line up. In addition to their breakfast bagels, McGriddles, McMuffins, and wraps, they have now added breakfast biscuits. Tim Hortons has been serving breakfast biscuits in Canada for some time now, and in all honesty, I preferred them over McDonald’s old offerings. This new biscuit definitely takes McDonalds back to the top of the fast food breakfast sandwich game. Read moreRead more


My Mandarin Experience

Last night I was unfortunate enough to go to Mandarin for a friend’s birthday dinner. To say it was an unpleasant experience would be an understatement. The food itself was fantastic, as usual. However, my unpleasant experience began after the meal had concluded. Read moreRead more


Desserts Plus Italian Restaurant

I don’t know about you but I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD!! It gets boring having the usual Chain food fare like pizza delivery or going to your local East Side Marios. Sometimes you want a really authentic dinner just like your Italian Grandmother would make….provided that you are Italian. For those of us that can only imagine what that would be like, or don’t have a wallet full of cash to fly to Italy, there is Desserts Plus.

Desserts Plus is not what the name leads you to believe. Yes they do have excellent cakes and frozen ice creams and Gelato. However the real STAR here is the Italian Brick Oven Baked PIZZA and of course the food. The Piselli family owns and operates the restaurant located in the heart of Woodbridge, Ontario located at 8611 Weston Road, just a block North of Langstaff on the East Side. Read moreRead more


When in Barcelona…

           When in Barcelona you have to try the paellas. If you are a picky eater or just not as courageous at trying new dishes you still have a world of different paellas to choose from. For example the vegetable paella; it is nothing too crazy and is definitely something familiar to the cautious traveller. If you are a seafood lover, and even if you are not (I wasn’t) after trying the seafood paella you will be lost in all the flavours that marine life can offer. If you are the kind of person that likes a little bit of everything, the mixed paella is what you should be getting; it is a wise blend of meat, and seafood that will leave you full but definitely wanting more. Read moreRead more


Maison Du Japon: All You Can Eat Sushi Review

I am always on the hunt for a good sushi restaurant. I was told that a new all you can eat sushi place had opened in Toronto. At the corner of Woodbine and John in Thornhill rests Maison Du Japon. For $12.99 at lunch you can eat a whole aquarium of delicious seafood. Dinner is around $20 for all you can eat, so the place offers decent value. Read moreRead more


Elixor Fantastic International Cuisine in Montreal

I just had the pleasure of having a wonderful meal at a funky new restaurant on the West Island of Montreal called Elixor. The high ceilings and modern decor and spacious layout attract you immediately when you enter. The menu is quite diverse and covers International dishes with a slant to Asian Fusion and Italian as well as other traditional favourites.

We were in a group of 7 people and enjoyed a variety of dishes.  The Cajun Chicken cutlets with a spicy spaghettini was perfectly cooked and delicately spiced by the use of fresh vegetables and tomatoes.  The sauce had just enough heat but a huge amount of flavour and the pasta was perfectly cooked, not to firm and not too soft…just the way we like it.   We opted for the Cajun Jumbalaya which consisted of a spicier sauce that was richly flavoured but had a bit more bite than the Cajun Chicken.  The dish also came with your choice of rice or pasta, but we opted for the spaghettini as well.  There was a generous amount of chicken that was perfectly spiced and cooked to give it a juicy flavourful texture.  There were three huge shrimps that were probaby the best flavoured, plump, juicy and tender crustaceans I have had in a very long time.  You would wonder whether these were caught fresh right from the ocean, yes they were that good!!! Read moreRead more


East Side Marios: Ey What a Waste of Cha-Ching!$!

I recently went with my buddy to East Side Marios.  I didn’t go in with high expectations.  I’ve been there before and have never really been impressed.  I have recently been seeing commercials saying that you can get pasta or pizza and unlimited soup, salad and bread sticks for $10.99.  On a Saturday night, a big dinner like that for under 15 bucks is a steal.  The decor in the restaurant is nice enough.  Its supposed to be knocking off a New York neighbourhood, with a deli, a butcher, and other grocery sections. Read moreRead more


Extreme Pita Review

With so many options for fast food these days, rarely do people choose a healthy option. There are many places which seem healthy, but when you get down to the number of calories and fat contained in many of their meals, they simply are not good for you. People go for teriyaki, and think that grilled chicken and bean sprouts will be a healthy option. Alone it is a healthy choice, but once you eat a giant serving of white rice that comes with the meal, drink a regular coke, and the chef dumps a cup of sugar laden teriyaki sauce over your meal, the “healthy option” is no longer healthy. Today I found a healthy choice – Extreme Pita. Read moreRead more