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Posts from the ‘Beauty Talk’ Category


Beauty Talk: Not a Clean Start! – Clean Start product review

 After trying the Clean Start wash off cleanser and all over clear toner I was deeply disappointed that using these products resulted in a rather bad cleansing experience. There are a few characteristics that are a definite set-back, some of the main ones are lack of cleansing ability, strange smell and awkward packaging (but this only relates to the toner). It will suffice to say that this is one of the lower quality brands that I have tried. Read moreRead more


Beauty Talk: Back To The Future! – Some Tips and Tricks For Your Lips

The oh-so-classic red lip has not gone out of style just yet. There is still some time left to feel like you are part of the old Hollywood glamour. However many girls and women feel that a red lip just isn’t for them, maybe it is too bold, or too daring or too inappropriate for everyday life or work. I will go over a few ways (like a true red lip fanatic) that will make you feel comfortable in the colour both day and night. Read moreRead more


Beauty Talk: It’s all about the Eyes – L’Oreal Eye Makeup Remover Review

The eyes are very delicate and thus need special attention in our day to day makeup and skin care routine, but wearing good quality products, like creams or even eye shadows is not the only way to help keep your eyes looking young and firm. In our daily lives we often find that not wearing any makeup cannot be a choice that we can make. Make up makes us look polished, put together and if done correctly helps us bring out the best of our features. However often when we think of makeup we think of the substances that actually go on the eye or face and are left there for the duration of the day and sometimes miss the key step we do at the end of each day which is removing everything we put on in the morning. Read moreRead more


Beauty Talk: Simply Smashing – SMASHBOX Sheer Focus Tinted Moisturizer Review

There are many people out there that feel tinted moisturizers don’t give the same amount of coverage as foundation. I can only agree with them, and because different skin types need different amounts of coverage a tinted moisturizer might not be for everybody. However in my experience I have nothing to say but good things about tinted moisturizers, for someone who likes light, sheer coverage a tinted moisturizer will prove to be a trusty friend. Read moreRead more