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As a packed house settles into a downtown Toronto concert venue, the lights dim, the DJ hits the track, a hard chord is struck, and for the next hour the crowd becomes part of a show that is one like no other. As the axe master shreds and the beats bang, a gang of masked clad face painted psychos spit out hardcore explicit lyrics, while Semi-nude dancers fire Jagermeister out of super soakers and the devil himself determines who gets hit. Read moreRead more


The Scoop on TFC and Major League Soccer

After reading the article on u be the critic entitled “Toronto teams woes” I felt obligated to take the writers advice and touch upon Toronto FC and Major League Soccer (MLS) as a whole. Established in 1993, MLS was formed as part of the United States bid to host the world cup, which they subsequently won and hosted in 1994. The creation of MLS ended a nine year professional soccer drought in the US, as the original professional soccer league, the “North American Soccer League” (NASL) folded due to rapid expansion and lack of funds. In the early years MLS suffered from similar issues as the NASL such as low attendance, financial problems, and a Dynasty club which took away from the overall competitiveness of the league. The MLS was further impacted negatively when the American national soccer team, made up of primarily American MLS players, came dead last in the 1998 World cup. Read moreRead more