Otterbox Commuter for HTC One

Otterbox has always been quick to the draw to embrace the latest Android Smartphones. Unlike many of their competitors that worship the "A" fruit and focus all of their efforts on all things Apple, Otterbox recognizes that there are people out there that don't buy Iphones. This user has alway been an Android fanatic since the first T-Mobile G-1. My most recent "buddy" is the HTC One which in and of itself is worthy of a stellar review here on UBTC. However lets focus on those brilliant people at Otterbox. My HTC One is vital to my day to day existence and as such I need to be sure that my baby is well protected by a good solid reliable case. I'm not one for bulky "bulletproof" cases, which Otterbox offers in their Defender series. Thats not a reflection on their quality or their ability to protect beyond the protection offered by the Commuter. Its just a personal preference as to how big I want the phone to be in my pocket. Otter provides a well designed and well manufactured Gel type covering for your HTC One. You then snap on the hard shell plastic cover on top of the Gel and you have one solid rugged case. The Defender offers a more hard core approach with tougher and thicker materials, however the Commuter does an excellent job of protecting your Smartphone investment. This user with my fumbling fat fingers is always worried about dropping my phone on concrete, from different elevations and it usually takes quite a tumble. The great thing about the Commuter is that it withstands a decent flying flip out of my hands and a slow motion endless fear of total destruction. Thankfully the Commuter delivers and fabulously. My phone is none the worse for wear and the Otterbox itself depending on the severity of the drop barely exhibits a scratch on the hard shell. I don't recommend that any of you go out and decide to be the next Professional Youtube director. Certainly not by throwing your phone around carelessly to demonstrate your new Otterbox Commuters capabilities. Just be happy in the knowledge that the Commuter, the Defenders younger brother can handle your rough and tumble world quite well.