McLobster Review

For years I have heard the whispers. McDonalds everywhere else in the world has dedicated specialties which match local culinary specialties. Switzerland supposedly has McFondue, Jamaica has McJerk chicken, India has McButter Chicken, and our own Nova Scotia has McLobster. I LOVE Lobster. I don't love McDonalds, but it would be something that I would HAVE to try. The wait is over. I just had a McLobster. Here are my observations. First off, I'd like to say that McDonalds has become a BIG rip off. Their prices are astronomical. I remember when they used to have a "deal of the day" and you could get a combo with your favorite sandwich for under $5.00. Those days are long gone next page. Nowadays, their premium sandwiches are over $5.00 ALONE. The price for McLobster? $6.70. Not terrible, considering that Lobster rolls at many restaurants are over $10 on their own. Considering that McDonalds sells "Angus" burgers for almost $6.00, I'd gladly pay $6 for fresh delicious Lobster meat. The question is whether or not the meat is real, if it is fresh, and if it is good. Have a look at the picture. As you can see, there are some decent pieces of Lobster meat in the sandwich. It really is not as much as I'd like to see, but it appears to be real, and it sufficiently fills the hot dog roll that the sandwich is served in. My problem, is that the lobster is served cold, and it is mixed with a ton of celery. The sauce is not a warm buttery delicious blend, but rather a watery mayonnaise that they call "Lemon dressing". The sandwich on the whole is decently flavor full but it truly is more watery than anything else. It could be as a result of too much dressing, or the meat thawing out in the bun. Who knows. Lets put it into perspective. Lobster prices have plummeted recently. Canada has a very long Lobster season and considering that we do get a lot of cheap canners, the meat is not too expensive. McDonalds could afford to provide a lot more meat in this sandwich. I don't know if they weigh the portions, but I didn't think it was big enough. I don't think they give you more than 50 grams of Lobster, which is about 1 / 10th of a pound. Wholesale price of a pound of Lobster meat is probably $7 so this is costing them $0.70. They can afford to give more meat. Not bad, but still disappointing. Bring back the McPizza.