Mozilla Toronto Open Web Open Mic Event

This past week I had the privilege to attend the first ever Mozilla open web, open mic. Doing stand-up up comedy in my spare time I was able to find this event on Eventbrite and decided to see if I could perform at this event trying out some of my tech joke material. This was an open mic open web event. For those of you who don't know what open web means it is a movement that asserts a special role for public, cooperative, and standard World Wide Web communications; it opposes private, exclusive, and proprietary Web solutions. The event was held at the Mozilla Toronto headquarters which made for a wonderful venue. Before any of the presentations were held participants had a science fair where they were able to show off their open web projects to the audience in person. Highlights of the science fair were the ability to try out the new Firefox OS phones, and multi player gaming with Web RTC. The presentation portion was extremely fascinating and informative. Speakers ranged from Hive Toronto which spoke about creating a learning network for kids to learn how to code. Josh Matthews from Mozilla presented the website which gives you tips on how to program for the open web based on your favorite coding language. The event even catered to a few University of Toronto students who presented their project DivNotes. DivNotes is a real-time collaboration of lecture notes between students and professors. Overall I had a great time at the event, and learned a lot about the open web and got to socialize with a cool community of individuals. Good job Mozilla I can’t wait till the next open web open mic.