Double Dragon II: Wander of the Dragons Review (XBOX 360)

I am a huge fan of beat em up side scroller multi player games. The Double Dragon franchise is known as one of the originators of this genre. I remember playing this game way back in the NES days having an awesome time kicking and punching bad guys with my friends. One of my all time favorite side scrolling beat em up games was BattleToads & Double Dragon on the SNES. Golden Axe, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II also make that list. Needless to say, when I first got a copy of this game I was really excited to review it and get back into some old school beat em up nostalgia. It all started well. The game intro was pretty cool, featuring anime style animations and graphics. Unfortunately, I am sad to say that the intro was the best part of the game. The game severely lacks in all other aspects. The game play is non-responsive. Button responsiveness is slow, and the kicks and punches just feel as though they are lagging. Simple things like collision detection is way off. It says a lot, When the game play of the original NES version of the game is way better than the "high definition" modern remake. Something is definitely wrong. You would think that with a high def remake, comes new textured character models and awesome backdrops. WRONG! The graphics also lacking. Playing this game left me wondering what generation system I was using. Was it an XBOX 360? Or an original XBOX? The graphics are comparable to original Xbox or Playstation. The Characters are blocky and look like characters from the original Virtual Fighter on the original Dreamcast console. At least in Virtua Fighter, it was a stylistic choice to make the characters blocky. Here I just think it was a half A**ed attempt at putting out a finished product. I must admit that even though the graphics aren't of the current generation console era, they are still better than those of the original NES, which isn't saying much. Sometimes a game is so bad that it is humorous. This is apparent when it comes to the audio and music in the game. The voice overs were recorded in extremely broken English. I'm not sure if the voice actors are just goofing around, or if they hired English students from overseas to act. The music is a mix of elevator music and the type of music that eighties gym instructors would play during your nightly evening spin classes. So here is the ultimate question: Is this game worth your money, and time to play? Well let’s put it this way. If I was in jail and had nothing to do and the security officers offered me Double Dragon II to play to pass the time. I would rather count the bricks on the wall. I would find that way more entertaining than playing this game. Even if you are a hard core Double Dragon fan I still cannot recommend this game. I really wanted to like something about this game, but I couldn't. My advice is to save your time and money and punch a brick wall. Trust me it will actually be less painful than playing this game.