Sony Playstation 4: The Next Generation of Gaming

Yesterday Sony took the lid off the highly anticipated Sony Playstation 4. The next generation of gaming is upon us! Nintendo recently launched its Wii U, which has failed to live up to the lofty expectations set by the Wii. Sony is hoping to rebound after its launch of the Playstation 3 did not live up to expectations. The PS3 was priced way too high, and like any other brand new system, there was little to no game support at the time to justify the hefty price tag. Sony knows that the competition now is quite stiff. Microsoft intends on releasing an updated Xbox, the Wii U will attract the younger gaming community, and the mobile gaming segment has never been so prominent. Gone are the days when console gaming was the leader of the pack in the gaming world. Everybody has a smart phone in their pocket and quite a few of us use it for gaming. The mobile game market is also expanding. Developers are creating mobile games that can appease even the most hardcore of gamers. Look at the popularity of the Infinity Blade saga. Everybody has heard of Angry Birds. This must be scaring the crap out of the big boys. Sony intends to combat the new mobile cell phone gaming segment with the ability to take your games on the go. The new PS4 will be compatible with the Vita Handheld System. People can start games at home, and take them with on their way out to work, school, etc. Will this be enough to appease the crowds? I don't know. Everyone is on facebook, twitter etc. Sony is attempting to draw that crowd in by having a built in "sharing" button so that people can share their gaming experiences with their online friends and the online community in general. I am sure that Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. will all be built into the systems firmware. The whole cell phone segment seems to be reliant on the touch screen interface. Sony is drawing in that crowd by implementing touch screen controls on its new Dual Shock controllers. The dual shock controller is one of my favorite controllers of all time. I hope that Sony doesn't tweak it to the point that it is no longer as ergonomically friendly and responsive as its predecessor. Game consoles are no longer judged solely on graphics, controls, and sound. They have to appease a diverse crowd who are growing more sophisticated by the hour. People want mobility. They want to be able to interact. Social media is prevalent and is now a vital key in the cog of the gaming world. Sony has to hit it big with the PS4. Its TV business and sound business is getting eaten up by Samsung. Apple is the go to company for consumer electronics. The Playstation brand is still the go to brand for console gaming, but this is a defining moment for Sony. When the specs, prices and game lists are released for the PS4, the world will be waiting, waiting and judging. Sony, the ball is in your court. I, for one, hope you impress.