Otterbox Defender for BlackBerry PlayBook Review

I am always on the go. As a business professional, I am traveling non stop. When I am traveling for business, I like to bring work with me, so I bring my BlackBerry Playbook along. The PlayBook is built quite well, but I am always worried about scratching the screen, or dropping the unit. I needed a really strong case to protect it from the bumps and bruises associated with frequent travel, so I went out and got the Otterbox Defender for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Otterboxes are known as some of the toughest cases around, here are my thoughts on the Otterbox Defender for the BlackBerry Playbook. The OtterBox Defender is the best on the market for a reason - it offers multi layer protection. There is a hard polycarbonate layer for the back and a snap on piece for the front screen that doubles as a stand. There is also a silicone layer which helps with grip and provides some cushion for a drop. It seems complicated to install, but it really is quite easy. My only complaint is that the box does not come with any printed instructions on how to put the layers of the case on. There are video tutorials on the net for those who need help. For those who are extremely savvy, there are small pictures on the box, but I was always tentative about breaking off small latches by applying too much pressure. In any event, after tinkering with it for a bit, I managed to get the case on. Be sure to thoroughly clean the screen before putting the PlayBook into the OtterBox Defender case, as once you have it on, you likely won't be taking it out for a while. The top of the case has clear protective touch screen that sits on top of the Play Book’s screen. Despite the additional layer, the touchscreen is still as sensitive as ever! There is absolutely no loss in performance. With the case installed, the entire unit is covered and totally protected. Even the buttons on the unit (power, volume) have rubberized alternatives built into the silicone layer. There is a trap door of sorts on the bottom, which can be opened to allow access to the ports on the bottom of the PlayBook. For those on the go, I am often using my PlayBook for entertainment purposes. The second protective shell can be used to cover the screen, or it can be snapped into place as a stand, offering two different viewing angles. This was extremely practical for watching movies on an air plane. The case offers access to the unit's built in speakers, or headphone ports. The case offers the ultimate protection with no loss of the PlayBooks awesome features. If I can complain about anything, it is the weight gain. Once installed, this case makes the unit feel a lot bigger and heavier. I don't mind it, as the PlayBook grips a lot better in my hands, but there is definitely a noticeable weight gain and some people may find it slightly cumbersome. For my own purposes, this case is perfect. It provides excellent protection with no loss of performance or functionality. It is excellent for those on the go, or those who are typically dropping their PlayBooks. I did drop my unit with the case on from about 4 feet up, and the unit had no damage whatsoever. OtterBox, you have done it again!