Resident Evil Retribution (2012) Review

The Resident Evil series has seen its ups and downs. Movies based on video games rarely fare well, but this is the sixth installment on the big screen of the hit Capcom video game. The early movies were quite entertaining, but the more recent contributions haven't added much to the saga. I think it's about time that they put an end to the moviegoers suffering and feed them to a hungry zombie horde. Anyway, here are my thoughts about the Screen Gems' newest release. The movie stars the resilient Mila Jovovich. She looks as young and fit as she did approximately 10 years ago in the first episode. She returns as the protagonist, Alice, who is continuously fighting to put an end to the Umbrella corporation. This time she finds herself trapped in an underwater facility that is basically Umbrella's biohazard testing ground. There are mock ups of all of the major cities in the world, and the biohazard has been unleashed in each of them. Alice and the resistance have to fight their way through each locale, trying to survive against the toughest monsters that the biohazard can muster. There are plenty of intense, gory scenes along the way, full of zombies, monsters, shocks, screams and other delirious frights. This is definitely not a movie for children, or the faint of heart. This was never a series that relied heavily upon acting, although Jovovich does her best as a emotionless ass kicking machine. Many cast members from the previous Resident Evils make appearances (I won't spoil how they do that) the most famous of which is Michelle Rodriguez. There was speculation that this was the final movie in the saga, and I honestly hope that it is. As a big fan of the video game series it is interesting to think about whats occurred in the video games and all of the movies and to piece the storyline together. I must say that I was slightly disappointed in the ending of the movie, but the action and the graphics were all awesome. The sound effects and visual effects are what makes this movie. I saw it in 3D and I literally jumped out of my seat several times. This movie is definitely not for kids and will give the little ones nightmares. I have to say that the Resident Evil series of movies has definitely been going downhill, and if not for the action, there would be no way to continue the storyline. As this point, I'd recommend it to hardcore fans, but I am happy that it is finally all coming to an end. Bring on Resident Evil 6, the game!