Cavalia’s Odysseo Review

I recently attended one of the final performances of Cavalia's Odysseo in Toronto. My review will be short and sweet. I am not a big fan of acrobatics or horses. Critics would say that I was a fool for spending upwards of $150+ per ticket for attending a show featuring acrobats on horses. I can't say that I was totally disappointed in the show, but it definitely did not live up to the hefty expectations set by other reviewers. The show started off with a question and answer session. Cavalia shows feature over 60 horses, all of which are typically males. They claim to have the only show featuring 15+ Stallions. For those who don't know the difference, a stallion is a breeding male horse, while a gelding is a neutered male. Stallions are supposedly difficult to train together, as they want to assert their dominance over the others. I have to give credit to Cavalia. The horses were trained very well. They executed the majority of their tricks flawlessly, and when they strayed from their "scripts" it was funny and all the more enjoyable for the audience. At one point in the show, the stage is flooded so the horses can run through water. Several of the horses deviated from their scripts and stopped to have a drink. One even smiled at the audience as if he knew he was being naughty. The horses are supposed to be the focal point of the show. If you are interested in seeing plain acrobats, go see a cirque de soleil show. For a show featuring horses and acrobats, I have to say I was disappointed in the tricks. The riders did many small jumps, and some of the acts featured ladies standing on two horses who were riding side by side. The ladies walked around the stage over and over waving at us. Is that what I paid $150 per ticket for? Do something exciting! I guess for equestrian lovers, the horses themselves would be the focal point. I must admit that some of the Stallions were gorgeous beasts, well groomed and in peak physical form. The sad part is that I was too far away to truly appreciate their size or beauty. The trainers definitely got the horses to obey and they performed their movements in unison. Visually it was beautiful, but as far as trick difficulty was concerned, I was unimpressed. The acrobats were in my opinion the most entertaining part of the show. Some of the flips and tricks that they did were phenomenal. I can't say I've ever seen a person do as many consecutive back flips in a row, at such a high speed. There isn't much aerial acrobatics. There is one scene with ribbons and sheets flowing from the ceiling and the acrobats being suspended, but they too went around in circles and after a while it became repetitious and boring. One of the highlights of the show was watching two acrobats on these odd jumping stilts. They performed incredibly high jumps and did some unique flips and tricks on them. Overall, I did enjoy the show. I was entertained by the acrobats and the antics of the horses. It was a visually appealing show, with great music, lighting and effects. The backdrop set a nice ambiance for the show, and the horses were absolutely beautiful. I still think that the show was massively overpriced, and that the acrobatics and horse tricks were repetitious and boring at times. If you are a big equestrian lover, go see the show while you still can!