Veho Muvi Atom Review

I have long been a fan of innovative and well designed gadgets.  The Veho Muvi Atom brings a level of design and quality that is rarely seen from Tier One Manufacturers let alone a company that this author heard about only recently.  The Veho Muvi Atom is a Micro Miniature Video Recorder that has no screen but allows one to take both videos and snapshots as well as be used as a miniature sound recorder. The Atom measures a mere 1.75 inches high by .75 inches deep and .75 inches wide.  Thats an incredible amount of miniturization for a device which is made of a strong alloy and is capable of producing a 640 x 480 Video Resolution as well as taking photos at 1280 x 960.  The Veho Muvi Atom is intelligently bundled with a variety of mounting brackets which allow you to place it on surfaces, bicycles, helmets and other innovative mounting methods.  Most manufacturers would charge extra for these accessories and they would cost as much as the camera itself.  However the Veho Muvi Atom can be found online at a suggested retail price of $129 but can be found as low as $55. The camera is an incredible value when you see the level of design and quality manufacturing invested in this unit. This reviewer has had the pleasure of reviewing other Veho products which will be coming soon to U Be The Critic.  However the Veho Muvi Atom is truly a piece of design that ranks with Apple's Iphone and Ipods.  The device exudes quality at its best and it feels very very solid in your hand and could easily command a price exceeding $100. Veho thoughtfully includes a Micro SD card for the built in slot so that the camera can be used straight out of the box.  I have seen users attach these cameras to Remote Control planes and use them to film the takeoff, flight and landing.  Some of the footage is incredible and in cases where the plane has had a very bumpy landing, the camera survived with nary a scratch. The Veho Atom is the tinier version of the Veho Muvi VCC-003 which is taller and has the same solid build quality as its smaller brother.  The Atom comes with this long list of accessories: 1 x veho MUVI ATOM micro DV camcorder 1 x micro 2GB SD card 1 x USB Cable 1 x MUVI ATOM software 1 x MUVI ATOM spring mounting clip 1 x MUVI ATOM neck chain 1 x MUVI ATOM carrying pouch 1 x MUVI ATOM users manual 1 x mounting bracket for bike/helmet 1 x magnetic mounting bracket for wall 1 x MUVI ATOM head/helmet strap 1 x mounting bracket velcro 2 x mounting bracket screws 3 x mounting bracket This reviewer highly recommends the Veho Muvi Atom VCC-004.  f you are an active person or simply someone that needs to take videos with a highly compact device then this product is for you.  You can check out Veho's other fine products at Veho World.