Ted (2012) Review

Are you a fan of Family Guy? I hope so. Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy who also voices Peter, has taken his talents to the big screen with his first full length movie - Ted. Ted is the story of a boy named John Bennett. Bennett wasn't a popular little boy. He didn't have any friends. When he got a teddy bear for Christmas, he wished it would come alive and become his actual best friend. John's wish was granted, and so we have the premise for the movie. A Teddy bear comes to life, and grows up with John. Keeping him company, and growing with him, learning some bad habits along the way. John Bennett grows up and is played by none other than Mark Wahlberg. This may have prejudiced me a bit, because I really don't like Wahlberg. I think he's a terrible actor. Bennett's love interest, Lori, is played by Mila Kunis of that 70's Show fame. The story begins with Ted living with Bennett and Lori. Bennett is working a dead end job, and has been dating Lori for about 4 years. Lori is sick of Ted, and thinks that he is bringing John down. Ted and John spend countless hours together messing around. They do drugs, they drink, Ted brings home hookers, and Bennett almost loses his job. Lori asks Bennett to force Ted to move out. The movie follows Ted's hi jinx as he gets a job, moves out on his own, and tries to maintain his relationship with Bennett. There are plenty of twists and turns along the way. The movie made me laugh several times, but I honestly was expecting more. The movie felt like a prolonged episode of Family Guy. Ted is pretty much Peter Griffin, with a toned down script, a pot smoking addiction, and a furry butt. The movie becomes more than a comedy, meaning there are elements of drama, and action, and the cast and tone of the movie as a whole isn't effective when it does so. There is the standard Family Guy fight scene, plenty of sex, drugs, and racism. Seth MacFarlane is lucky that he has a Family Guy following otherwise I think that this movie would be a complete bust at the box office. If you are a big Family Guy fan, then this movie will be tolerable and possibly even enjoyable. I enjoy Family Guy once in a while, but I didn't find the movie to be that humorous. It had the potential to be awesome and failed miserably. MacFarlane is funny at times, but can't seem to deviate from his standard racism, sexism and violence to generate laughs. There are plenty of obscure fan boy references which went way over my head, along with the rest of the audiences. If I was you, watch the trailer and be done with it, or I'd wait for the dvd release. Sorry Seth. Ted should never have been brought to life.