Dwight Howard Traded to the Lakers: The New Big Three or Four

Dwight Howard used to be one of my favorite NBA Players. Now that Howard has been traded to the Lakers, I don't like him anymore. When he was the underdog on the Magic, what wasn't to like? He is the best center on the planet, big, fast, strong, with jaw dropping athleticism for a man of his size. He was the quiet, loyal star who actually wanted to lead the Orlando Magic to victory. He single handedly carried the Magic to the finals a few years ago, and Stan Van Gundy built the team's system around Howard's talents. All of that has changed. Howard has demanded another trade from Orlando, less than a year after exercising his option to stay there. He got his wish and the "Big 4" was born. I don't blame Howard entirely. He wants to win. What I don't like is his method. By going public with his demand to be traded to the Nets and only the Nets, he has crippled the Magic from getting reasonable value for him. Granted, the Magic could have traded him anywhere they want, but Howard has stipulated that he will only sign an extension with Brooklyn, and should the Magic trade him elsewhere, that he would test free agency and likely sign with the Nets at that point. I don't know what the allure of the Nets was for Howard. They just resigned Gerald Wallace and traded away a lot of their young players for Joe Johnson. With Deron Williams resigning with the Nets, that team would be a legitimate force. Imagine a starting 5 of Williams, Johnson, Wallace, Lopez and Howard? They'd be an instant contender for the Eastern conference crown. The reality is that for the Nets to have gotten Howard via trade, they'd need to send Lopez, Marshon Brooks and more to the Magic. It turns out that the Magic settled for a lot less. This is another case of an NBA Superstar ditching the team that gave him his start, to move exactly where he wants to go. I'll give Howard a little bit of credit. He's let the Magic know that he won't resign, in the hopes that they trade him. There are no illusions that Howard will stay. The Magic would be stupid to hang on to him this season and lose him for nothing like the Raptors and Cavaliers lost Bosh and Lebron respectively. All of the Howard fans in Orlando and across the world must be losing their minds right now. First, Howard says he wants to go. Then he exercises his option and says he wants to stay. Then the rumors surface that he wants Stan Van Gundy fired. Then Van Gundy is fired. Now he says that he'll only resign with Brooklyn and wants out of Orlando. Make up your mind Dwight! The fans are going to turn on you, just like they did to your friend Lebron. Why can't players be loyal to their franchises? I know he gave the Magic a good run and some time to surround him with the pieces they needed to win it all, but they failed. So here goes Howard, ruining his trade value, claiming that he'll only sign with a team that doesn't look so great right now, and basically crapping on the team that gave him his start. Orlando inevitably got next to nothing for a man of his talents. Sure Afflalo and Harrington will step in and start. Vucevic, and Harkless bring in some youth with potential. The mid round first round picks? Those won't do much to rebuild on the fly. The likelihood is that the Magic will be picking in the top 3 next season. They've gone from perennial playoff contenders, to bottom feeders. There is only one man to thank. Thank you Dwight - From the Fans