2013 Nissan Altima Review

In celebration of Canada's 145th birthday, Nissan Canada presented an awe-inspiring 3D holographic water show in four cities across Canada last night. With shows in Halifax, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver, thousands of spectators were delighted by the innovative spectacle that showcased the new 2013 Nissan Altima. 3D Water Screen Projection technology uses a submerged nozzle that sprays a thin fan of water onto a screen that works by diffusing light and projects the image towards the audience. The first company to use 3D Water Screen Projection technology in Canada, Nissan provided an experience that is as unique and cutting edge as the 2013 Altima. "At Nissan, we provide innovative and exciting vehicles in all segments and are proud we delivered on those two qualities by presenting Canadians with the first show of its kind here on Canada Day," says Judy Wheeler, Director of Marketing for Nissan Canada. "Pairing the Altima with the 3D water show was an optimal way for us to showcase the Altima and Nissan's direction as a company; inspired by the high level of dynamism we aim to impart to every Nissan customer." The new Nissan Altima offers best-in-class highway fuel economy of 5.0L/100km*, making it the most fuel efficient vehicle in the Nissan lineup besides the Nissan LEAF; signalling that Nissan is about to embark on its most innovative model year ever. Packed with an abundance of advanced "safety shield" features including: blind spot warning, lane departure warning, and moving object detection. People in attendance at the 3D Water Show yesterday were some of the first in Canada to see this new suite of technology features from Nissan. To see footage from the Nissan Altima 3D water show, please click