Cabin in the Woods (2012) Review

Story telling takes place through many different forms. One can be submerged into a story through a book, a video game, or a movie. Books provide us with great detail and story line, while video games insert us into the story allows us to experience the story as one of the characters roaming free in the story teller’s world. Movies allow us to sit down and experience the story with a high budget spent on fantastic visuals and sound effects. Often people say that books never convert well to movies, and that video game movies just aren’t what they could have been. Cabin in the woods is a movie which feels like a video game but with the excellent detail and story telling of a book. When I first heard of this movie I thought it would be like one of those traditional horror movies where bunch of teens go in to the woods to a cabin where there is some kind of psychotic killer that murders them one by one. The actual plot is a lot different and deeper than what I had imagined. The plot of this movie is that deep inside the earth there lives multiple gods who hire a group of scientists to create elaborate virtual environments where they bring a group of people together to be sacrificed. The group then plays a game where based on their decisions real monsters come to life to terrorize them. This movie has it all. Almost every type of horror movie monster, from killer redneck zombies, to werewolves, to the mystical merman. The plot is so original and the monsters vary so much from one another that there is never a dull moment in the film. I wouldn’t consider this movie so much as a horror as an action adventure film, filled with bits of comedy, sex, suspense, thrills, and high budget effects. The director of this film is the same director who filmed the upcoming mega super hero movie The Avengers, which is coming out later this summer. After watching this movie I have full confidence that this summer's blockbuster avenger’s movie will be a huge success. Horror, action adventure, comedy, and thriller fans, this movie is for you! Or if you are just looking to watch an excellent movie this weekend then look no further than Cabin in the Woods, I highly recommend it. Thus far its one of my favorite flicks of 2012.