WrestleMania 28 Rock vs Cena Preview

On Sunday, April 1, 2012, World Wrestling Entertainment presents WrestleMania 28 Rock vs Cena from Sunlife Stadium in Miami, Florida. While there are still matches to be announced for the year extravaganza, the top three matches on the card have drawn a lot of interest. Chris Jericho returned to WWE in January after a two-year absence. A bad back injury put doubt into Jericho's mind as to whether or not he would ever be able to return. However, with the help of yoga, Jericho returning to WWE in the best shape of his career. During his hiatus, Jericho ventuned into other projects outside of the "sports-entertainment" world, including a stint on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars." Jericho would also tour with his rock band, Fozzy. Jericho, however, never truly hinted at a return to the company, often saying in interviews that his in-ring career was over and how he would "never return to WWE." With WWE's roster as thin as it is in terms of main-event talent, the ball was definitely in Jericho's court. When Jericho returned, he didn't say a word for week's, causing the fans to turn on him immediately. A feud with CM Punk was quickly put into place and the two could potentially steal the show at WrestleMania. While the match will likely be positioned in the middle of the card, it has potential to be the "Steamboat-Savage" of this year's WrestleMania. During Jericho's hiatus, CM Punk truly came into his own. A feud with then WWE Champion John Cena was stretched out throughout the summer months, leading to the eventual "showdown in Chicago." The memorable match took place at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in July at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illnois. Punk's storyline at the time was that he was leaving WWE as he wasn't happy with the overall direction of the company. In the midst of a feud with WWE's "golden boy" John Cena, Punk won the WWE Championship and "left the company as with the title as a free-agent." The original plan was to keep Punk off TV for a couple of months. However, the storyline was so red-hot that company officials decided to capitilize on Punk's popularity and position him in the main-event of SummerSlam. After dropping the title to Alberto Del Rio, Punk's character got a little stale and he seemed to be lost in the shuffle. Jericho's return in January seems to have reinvigorated Punk as this has been some of his best promo work since his final rant before the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. If the two are given enough time, they will tear the house down! Prediction: Chris Jericho The Rock vs John Cena: The dream match that has been talked about for years has finally come to fruition. Miami's own Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson returns home to battle WWE's bread and butter - John Cena. Their issues go back years as Cena has taken shots at The Rock's decision to leave WWE in favour of Hollywood-stardom. Rock's defense is that he accomplished all there was to accomplish in his wrestling career and he wanted a new challenge. However, he still considers WWE "home." With the event taking place in Miami, I would expect the crowd to be anti - Cena (more so than usual), regardless of WWE's best efforts to have a 50/50 reaction for the event. While I'm not expecting a Flair-Steamboat type classic, both men will work hard to put on the best show possible given their limited skill-sets. Obviously this match is more about the showmanship than in-ring performance. Prediction: John Cena The main-event - in my opinion anyway - will be the final meeting between The Undertaker and Triple H. This is their third encounter on the grandest stage of them all, but WWE seems intent on ignoring their first meeting at WrestleMania 17. Regardless of that, however, being a Hell in a Cell match, this should go on last. In recent years, The Undertaker's undefeated streak has been the main draw in terms of WrestleMania buys. Many in the industry expect this to be Taker's last WrestleMania. Despite being banged up physically, you know that when these two step into Hell in a Cell on April 1, the adrenaline will kick in. As good ol' JR would say, I expect one hell of a slobber-knocker. The addition of Shawn Michaels as special guest referee adds a bit of intrigue. Will he call it down the middle? Will he screw over the man that defeated him two years in a row at WrestleMania and ended his career? Will he screw over his best friend of 18 years out of jealousy? Prediction: The Undertaker Is this The Undertaker's last match? Will Triple H assume more of a behind-the-scenes role as he learns how to run the company from his father-in-law and wife? Will The Rock defeat WWE's golden boy in the most anticipated match since Rock-Hogan? All these questions will be answered Sunday, April 1 LIVE on pay-per-view from the sold out Sunlife Stadium in Miami, Florida!