Infiniti’s Sports Car Concept: Power & Low Emissions

The development of Infiniti's new advanced sports car concept, due for global reveal at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, continues daily. The concept promises to be lightweight, with the offer of low emissions. It will fit in perfectly with the new trend of fuel economy and performance combined. The sports car concept will be the first Infiniti to have not only a range-extender drive train but also one mounted in a mid-ship package for optimal weight distribution and therefore handling. Infiniti already enjoys a lead in high performance, low emission technologies with its Infiniti M Hybrid. But the purpose of the Geneva concept is to explore what might be the next stage in how to deliver a vivid, engaging and sophisticated driving experience from an electrically-propelled vehicle. The mid-ship mechanical layout could be a vital ingredient. The as yet unnamed car will minimize the traditional compromise between thrilling performance and sustainable mobility. Its style, content and mid-ship package are all new to Infiniti, although the character of this striking, sports car concept remain absolutely true to the brand, as does the direction of its innovative electric vehicle engineering which is to combine extreme, low emission open-road performance with zero emission operation in urban situations. Further news of this exciting project will be released at its world premiere at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. More information, high-res images and b-roll are available at or upon request. Readers can expect: * Low emission and high performance * Range extended electric sports car concept combines low emission, high performance on the open-road with zero emission urban mobility * Mid-ship layout for optimal weight distribution, at the same time facilitating a change in vocabulary for Infiniti's design language * A 2nd video released giving more behind-the-scenes information, this time from Francois Bancon, Infiniti's Divisional General Manager for Advanced Product Planning ABOUT INFINITI Infiniti offers a full-line of luxury performance automobiles designed to inspire at every turn, including the G37 sports coupe, convertible and sedan, M37/56 luxury performance sedan, EX personal luxury crossover, FX premium crossover SUV and the QX full-size luxury SUV. There are 29 Infiniti retailers across Canada. More information about Infiniti and the Total Ownership Experience(r) can be found at