Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol (2011) Review

I am a big fan of spy movies and action movies. I have always preferred the James Bond series over the Mission Impossible series. The reasons were simple, I was never really a big fan of Tom Cruise, and I just felt like the previous films were made poorly. Everything was predictable, the action sequences were a let down, and the films were unnecessarily cheesy and dry. I had only heard good things about the new MI film. It was supposed to rejuvenate the series and bring Tom Cruise back into the spotlight. While I was not totally disappointed with it, the movie certainly did not live up to its billing. If you are not familiar with the Mission Impossible series, it follows Ethan Hunt, a super spy. He is employed by IMF, an organization which governs an undercover team of super spies who keep the world safe from evil doers. The film begins in Russia, where Ethan Hunt has been imprisoned in a maximum security institution. IMF successfully breaks him out, using a series of technological gadgets and computer hacking to open the doors of all of the cells. With Hunt fee, the movie truly begins. The storyline is quite simple and sounds very familiar. While IMF is running a mission in the Kremlin, a massive bomb rocks the grounds and IMF is held responsible for the attack. The US government disavows all knowledge of their existence, and IMF functions are officially terminated in what is called "Ghost Protocol". Hunt and his team have to get to the bottom of the attack without any external assistance. They discover a nuclear plot by a former Kremlin employee, and work together to stop the psycho from destroying the world. It all sounds familiar and its all been done before. The group is up against the wall, has no back up, has no resources or support from their own government, and yet they manage to save the day once again. The movie is full of fantastic action scenes, but that is it. There isn't much character development, and the plot is entirely too predictable and somewhat cheesy. We all know that Hunt is never going to die, and that the team will ultimately emerge victorious. Predictability is the bane of this movies existence, however it is not all bad. There are a few great scenes. The one that comes to mind is the scene in Dubai involving the Burj tower, the tallest man made structure on the planet. As a massive sandstorm approaches, Hunt scales the outside windows using only special sticky gloves which ultimately malfunction. The graphics and action scenes are great, but there is little else to keep you interested. Cruise is dry and boring, and there are no true shockers in the film. At the end of the day, they could have squeezed this movie into an hour and a half, and not dragged it out over 2 hours. If you are a die hard MI junkie, go see it. Otherwise, wait for the Blu Ray or DVD and save your hard earned cash.