In Time (2011) Movie Review

Everybody knows the old adage "Time is Money". What if time literally was money? In the new science fiction thriller "In Time", humans are biologically to live until the age of 25. Once you reach 25, your clock starts ticking. Everyone gets a free year to live on, but for most people, you have to work to earn more time on the planet. Coffee, beer, food, rent, everything is purchased using time. The poor live day to day, literally. If you run out of time, you die. The rich can live forever, in their own wealthy "time zones", while the poor die in the streets because they've spent their last few minutes on a meal or the rent. It is an extremely interesting premise, but one that was difficult to execute effectively. The film stars Justin Timberlake as Will Salas, a man who lives in a slum time zone where every purchase he makes could be his last. He rarely has more than a few hours left on his clock and needs to hustle and work hard just to survive. Will encounters a "rich" man with more than a decade on his clock. After saving the man's life, Will wakes up to find the man dead, and his clock filled up with that decade. Never before has he been rich and had time to do whatever he wants. The film follows Salas on his journey through time zones, where he ultimately meets Amanda Seyfried's character Sylvia Weis. Weis is a "rich" girl whose father runs a time bank. They have millions of years on the clock and they live as immortals. Salas is angered by the injustice of watching the rich live forever, while seeing his friends and family die due to their lack of wealth. He and Sylvia set out together to make the world a better place, robbing time banks and giving time to the poor. Salas is the Robin Hood of the future, he takes from the rich and gives to the poor to turn the tide and create some balance in the disturbing world they live in. The cast features many young up and comers. Amanda Seyfried does a respectable job as Sylvia, changing from a spoiled pompous brat into a righteous hero. I am not a fan of Justin Timberlake, but he does a decent job as the films protagonist. I would have preferred to see a better actor playing Will Salas, but I am sure the producers had their own reasons for casting him (drawing in his young teenage girl fans to see the film). Olivia Wilde plays Salas' mother, and is good in her brief role. Overall, the film was reasonably entertaining. The premise was fantastic, but sadly it was horribly executed. I watched the whole movie and didn't lose interest, but always felt that it could have been so much better. I guess this was a difficult movie to create an ending to as it could have gone in so many directions. If you are interested in science fiction or are a Timberlake groupie, then go see it. If not, this is not a must see. Wait for the DVD / bluray or just pass on it altogether.

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